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  1. My 69 656D. At this point, I've already done quite a bit of work on her. Had a ROPS bar, with the fenders attached to it. Stripped them (Fenders and ROPS off so I could install a Farmhand loader. Of course, I needed to get the lift actuators rebuilt, and had a devil of a time finding a local place to do that. In the mean time, i stripped some kind of hokey fixtures from the front and frame for some kind of plow required in Ca. She's a retired lady, so she won't be doing any plowing as long as she's mine. Had to replace the left frame rail. Someone cut a big notch (1.5X4") out of the rail. Anyway, got all of that crap removed, and made a set of steps so I can get up to the seat. I tried to put a KAT's block heater on, only to find out that the cylinder walls were to close so couldn't get the heater element in. This spring, she decided she wouldn't start and run, then finally not start at all. Worked with the guys on FB, the consensus being that the fuel injection pump required R&R. So, now I'm working to get that off, and having a few issues. In the meantime, still working on the pump, ahave removed the hood and side panels to start sanding them for primer and paint.
  2. Trying to pull the Roosa Master fuel injection pump off my 656D, but can't seem to get the pump timing cover off. I removed all of the bolts from the cover, and attempted to crack it loose with a hammer and screw driver. That didn't work, so I'm looking for guidance and suggestions.
  3. I'm new here, so please try to cut me a bit of slack while I learn my way around. I'm working on my 656. My first project is to prepare it for this coming winter. Trying to install a Kats block heater in my diesel, and it isn't cooperating. After. some measurements, it turns out that the heater element is hitting between the number 3&4 cylinder walls. So now, I have to try to return it and look for something else that will fit. The thought of trying to start the 656 cold in the winter just isn't pleasant to contemplate. Project number two is removing the fenders and ROPS to clear the mounts for the front end loader. My problem here is lifting everything off. Working on setting up a cable and snatch block, but want to brace the shop overhead so it doesn't get damaged during the lift.
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