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  1. I see. I'm not real familiar with this stuff but I guess I thought the pressure would be the same going through the loader, as it would be just circulating through that plate when it was an actual end cover. U think a guy could convert a remote that was closed on the side where your plate came off of? todd
  2. Wishihada1466 Hey I just saw this post and was looking for a cheaper alternative than power beyond. Did the modified end plate work for the loader? Any issues? Todd
  3. I'm gonna call on Monday, maybe they can get the right one sent out. That's the guide and stop that j-mech was talking about though? Isn't it? Merry Christmas you guys.
  4. This is what they sent me. Even had the guide on it with stops. Can't get the holes to line up. These are to wide. The picture I ordered off of just had three holes with spacers built in. This has four holes and a slot that are flat. Any ideas?
  5. The only thing that I have not been able to check was the orfice. I can't get the square head to budge. Any chance it is right threaded? Todd
  6. Ok pulled toplink cover off, everything looked connected as far as I could tell. If I pulled the draft control all the way back the spring would get very tight. There is a shoe on the bottom lever that comes up from the bottom and an indention on the top lever going down which I assume is a stop. Mine never got close to this. Oil was pouring from the right side towards the back when tractor was at idle. When I took the three point all the way to the top oil would slow to a trickle. When I would take the three point down oil would gush from the front of the housing. This sound correct? Todd
  7. Awesome updates guys. Really appreciate the help. I'll need advice on removing the valve and cleaning later on.
  8. This is the quadrant that I'm looking for?
  9. So just to make sure I'm on the same page. 1. Try to see if spool valve is stuck by looking through top link cover. 2. Check orfice which is accessed by removing square head in seat support. 3. Get a shroud for the draft and lift levers. 4. Be prepared to get a new valve? Blocker
  10. Ok, I took the toplink cover off yesterday to check the linkage. I'll pull it off tomorrow and look up. Lol At any rate, with the toplink cover off, can I start the tractor? Or will hyd fluid go everywhere?
  11. So if this is what I'm looking for, can I start tractor and see if it moves? Or is that not right at all? Thanks again for the help, u sure are a patient person. Blocker
  12. So I'm touching what I think you are talking about with the screwdriver.
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