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  1. ThTs kind of why I worried about. Looks like I’ll be doing some Fabrication.
  2. Anybody have any idea where I can find mounting brackets for. Farm all 656 to a dual 3000 loader?
  3. Good idea, that will also save me the cost of a pby plate
  4. Ok guys, I got this figured out. I found a used “open” aux valve for $150.00. I’ll replace my valve with the open one and a power beyond plate. Thank you for all the advise!
  5. That’s what I was worried about. Maybe it would be easier to use the pto pump I have. I don’t think I can put a PBY valve on this tractor. There is no cap on the valves to tap into, and looking online, I did not see one for this tractor.
  6. I only have 1 remote in the back and I would like the PTO free. I have a 3 spool valve. I would like to use that and add a grapple. I did consider running off my rear remotes, and then adding a spool valve and running that to the rear to make an extra remote. How’s rev I would rather tap into the the pressure and return line and run that into my spool valve. I bought a repair manual, but I’m still not sure what lines are what.
  7. Does anybody have any pictures of how they plumbed a loader on a 656 diesel with a 2 point and a manual transmission? I have a few different ideas, but wanted to see what you guys did.
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