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  1. looked at a B-250 IHC tractor today. believe it may have the BD-144 same as my TD-5 crawler the starter is on the oppisite side to the crawler. should this motor be a bolt in to the TD-5?
  2. another TD-5 came to the yard a few days ago. much better cond than the one i have been working on. a 6 way blade for starters, tracks much better tho not by any means perfect, motor?
  3. ok thanks for that i finally got it to run. i swapped the two lines on the filter. i was able to run it long enough to determine the hydraulics work it moves forward and reverse the reverser sems to work i have not tried the clutchs as of yet, but will do so now i know it is worth my time to get the problems fixed ,the compression is i believe too low.
  4. in working on my TD-5 after some difficulty i can get it to run, but it will not run very long then dies, less than a minuite. injectors have just been done. i looked into the govenor part under the top cover it seems all ok. i have a manual for the injection pump but it does not show or dipict in which direction is fuel shut-off and also which direction for full throttle. there is definately fuel getting to the pump. i cant figure it out i had it previously running for 20 minuites?
  5. no i dont have any pics. yes i know what you mean there is always hidden problems.
  6. got a chance to get a TD-5. they want about $2000 maybe a little less. i think the motor would need rebuilding. has a canopy a 6 way blade, sprocket look good, rails not too bad there is i believe a couple broken rail bushings. really no welding marks or cracked frames etc., pads are good. is this a reasonable price. i have a motor for it?
  7. according to my manual the fuel lines at the filter are hooked up wrong, yet it has run that way. i just had injectors rebuilt. however i cant get fuel to inject thru them? the line from the lift pump goes to the filter. on the other side of the filter the arrow exits the fuel to the return of fuel on the pump. it ran this way at one point. i crossed the lines to dipicte the manual but still no fuel thru the injectors? may the pump is faulty?
  8. i believe it has been discussed before but i still am not sure what other tracks will fit the the TD-5 crawler? i have been told 440, 420 JD, as well as some oliver but am not positive on that. anybody try other ones on these old machines? i picked up a parts machine for mine but its not great and i feel i paid tooooo much money. thanks for any info.
  9. well thanks for the replys. i feel i am capable of doing most of the mechanical, been a millwright all my life, so kind of second nature. at the moment im doing a few things to get it running again. see if final drives work, hydraulics reverser etc. im in do rush and have not spent much money, its also a project. here a good running little guy like that is $5000 or there abouts if you can find one. every once in a while a deal shows up. i am working on a deal maybe $3000 ? 6 way hyd blade decent undercarriage but may need engine work.
  10. thanks for the reply. no i have a bit of work for it 6 acres with down and dead trees and underbrush, not hard work. a clean up project.
  11. can someone give me a ballpark no, what racks for a TD-5 mite cost used , if one can find a set.i can get a set for $1000. probably at least an eight of an inch or more in pins and bushings. the bushings also have some but not a lot of externall wear. also what are good sprockets going for? thanks for any info. got mine running, has a bad con rod so will eventually likely rebuild it. thanks for any info.
  12. as you see i dont know a lot about these crawlers. but i was glad to find the tag. the injectors are Cav as well as the pump i believe. ordering a fuel filter so can try again when i get fuel to the pump, to see if pump is faulty?
  13. so ya i found the ID tag it is a TDC-5
  14. i dont know. i think it is just the 500 but where do i find a serial no or identification on it?
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