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  1. We always used grease to hold o-rings in place while rebuilding ammonia screw compressors. Works great!
  2. Just in case anyone is interested, the nut is 1-11/16”. My Milwaukee 18v 1/2” impact spun them right off.
  3. Thanks! I’ve got a 4’ pipe wrench and some pipe, but I also have an impact wrench with 1200 ft/lbs of break away torque. Just trying to not tear up the nut
  4. Howdy! I’m about to tear into a couple of cylinders that are leaking, and I would like to have the proper tools in hand when the repair kits get here. Does anyone know what size impact socket I need for the piston lock nut? TD8E with the 6 way blade. Thanks
  5. 1 and 6 are both at the top at the same time, one on compression stroke, the other on exhaust. Are you sure you have the rotor in the right position? Might be 180 degrees off
  6. Thanks again pede, the operators and parts manuals I ordered from binder books came in, the manual is for S/N 9501 and up, my S/N is 10351, so it’s a newer version than some. The book calls for hy-Tran or 10w in the transmission and hydraulic system, and 15w40 in the engine. I know that the fluid in the hydraulic reservoir is clear, I will have to look at the transmission fluid. That one is a little harder to get to.
  7. Pede, Thanks for the reply. I took the side covers off, but couldn’t see the muffler outlet because it’s up inside the box on top of the hood. Then I took the bolts out of the hood, and found that I can pry the hood up and see that it does have the muffler outlet slipped up into the pipe that’s welded to the hood. One other question, the maintenance check decal shows that engine oil is what is used in the hydraulic system, but the oil in the reservoir is clear like hydraulic fluid. I use 134 in the tractor, what do all you guys use?
  8. Howdy all, new member here. Just picked up a Td8e that’s had the Cummins conversion. Is it normal for the exhaust pipe to be welded solid to the box on the hood? It seems like that would really stress the turbo and muffler since the engine has rubber mounts.
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