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  1. Hi Red Brothers! I'm the original poster of this thread. After going through a shoulder surgery in January for a pretty massive injury, plus still suffering from back and hip problems i threw in the towel on my A14 shop mule. However, there is great news for its future. I made a trade/cash deal with a long term friend of mine who has wanted this shop mule for the last 25 years. With the help of a nice neighbor, we bolted all the sheet metal and external parts back onto the mule, short the missing clutch linkage. This past weekend my wife and I hauled it up to central Wisconsin to my friends house. He was as excited as a kid on Christmas eve. Truly a dream come true for him. It will take him time but I know the mule will get a first class restoration in the coming year or two. He is already locating parts and arranging mechanical work to be done. What did get in return? Several things. First a little $ towards my wife's much soon to be purchased new car. Secondly I got darn nice looking and perfectly running 1941 Case V tractor that my friend brought back from Canada a couple years back. Third, and most important to me, a friend and fellow collector got his dream tractor. He has been cutting back on his collection, but wants to retain certain tractors and this will be one of those. I can honestly say that we each gave up a tractor we loved, in order to get another one we each really wanted. Such is how deals are made and I consider this a great trade because it was a win-win in my book. Can't ask for any more than that. Alas, the only IH I still own is my Cub Cadet Original. However, I can see a nice Farmall Cub finding its way onto my trailer in the not so distant future, plus whatever other opportunity may blow my way. Thanks to all of you who participated in this thread. Much thanks to Doug in Ohio for all the pics, info and advice he gave me so the new owner can build the missing clutch linkage part. Best regards to all of you. Shopmule41.
  2. Hi everybody, Sorry its been so long since I last posted. The summer flew by for me between my business being very busy and either family or tractor shows each weekend. I went to nine different tractor and engine shows this summer, with the 10th happening three days from now in Oak Creek Wis., Although none of the shows were Red Power specific, I was hoping to spot another shop mule somewhere. No Luck. The worst part is that I've made zero progress with my mule since I started posting: Its not from procrastination, but still needing that clutch pivot shaft plus having almost no free time to work on it. As it is, my small business is taking up more and more time every week. Although I expect it to slow down some during winter, that brings its own set of challenges working in a cold shop. I've got a torpedo heater which works well, but its like working under a running jet plane: loud and smelly. Anyway, I try to be realistic about situations: Mine currently is that the mule has been partially apart (mostly sheet metal, seat support framing and radiator) in my limited work space since last spring and It's not going anywhere soon with my limited time. I've got to make a decision and it's a hard one: As much as I love this little tractor, and will never have an opportunity to own another, I think it's time we parted ways. I'd love to see it get into the hands of someone with more time, skills and room than I have. I know they are hard to come by and mine has the added provenance of who and where it was originally owned.(Village of River Forest No. 13 painted on fuel tank). I don't think there's many out that that can tell the story of where they came from. But on the upshot, I'vs had a long term dream about owning another IH product:: I've always wanted a nice shiny Farmall H tractor. Real nice tires, shiny paint, fenders, belt pulley, runs like a top. Model year is not real important but I really don't want a Super H. Basically, a turn-key tractor.I also know I don't have the time to restore one to that state. I've forced myself not to buy one until my other projects, most notably the shop mule, were completed. If the Mule's gone, I can make room at my storage place for an H. I've looked at many H's.in the above desired condition and prices here in Northern Illinois and southern Wis. range from $1600.00 -$3,000. So I'm offering all you Red Power Brothers (and sisters) a possible deal. I know mules are hard to find in any condition; Mine is somewhat apart, has 99% of the original parts and has not been started in 20 years, although I have faithfully hand turned over the engine on a regular basis. Even in this condition, due to it's rarity, MY feeling is that it's worth more than a restored "H". Again, that's my feeling/opinion. I'm willing to swap the mule, as is, for a sharp looking/running H, plus some cash for me. I don't want to get into how much $ would need to be involved, but if you think your tractor is worth $4 or $5000, I'm not interested.Just as a side note, a somewhat restored shop mule sold for over $10k at an east coast auction last spring. I look at this proposition as an opportunity for someone who may own several "H"s to trade one and some cash towards a rare and collectible tractor, (BTW, the cash will go towards buying a new enclosed trailer for this hobby. No bass boat or corvette for me) I hope I'm not violating any site or forum rules with this offer. If you would be interested, please let me know. SM41/John
  3. Thanks for the Pics 2+2 Guy! Not much progress this past last week. Terrible weather around here and I'm sure many of you are getting the same. Today is freezing rain then 1-3" of snow tonight. Working outside this week has not been fun and I have a full outdoor day scheduled tomorrow too.Oh joy. I've been pondering the missing clutch shaft problem. Short of one falling out of the sky, once I'm fortunate enough to go see and measure one, I'll have to build one. For now, I'm calling it the clutch linkage pivot shaft: I'm not sure that's what it's erally called. It's the shaft part that connects to the clutch pedal, has a zig-zag tab welded on it and it goes through the clutch pivot casting under the torque tube, then through the clutch release rod clamp. The shaft is obviously much shorter than what would come on a standard A, but figured it could be cut down to length as needed, then weld on the needed tab. However, besides not knowing the official name of this part, I can't seem to find one in the aftermarket. Is this an OEM only part? Anyone know what it's really called and where I can get one? Appreciate any help on can get. SM41/John
  4. Thank you Wes 806, 560 Denniis, Metamora Farmall and 2+2 Guy! You have all made me feel very welcome here, All the photos are great. I actually found a bunch of mule pics I took at the UG RPRU in my old cell phone. Since its raining cold and windy here today I'm going to look through all our old family photos to see if I can find the pics I took 25 years ago.Getting photos of the clutch pivot shaft, linkage and connections is going to be the tough part, and even with those, i'm sure I will have to go see one to take measurements from one in person in order to make what I'm missing. As a winter project, I did a major clean out and purge in my garage shop this past winter. Many items I had held onto over the years went bye bye and I just KNEW that either I or someone else would need something I finally tossed. So, besides that missing clutch shaft (don't remember tossing anything that looked remotely like it) I had a whole bunch of belt pulleys I'd accumulated over the years. Sure enough, not two weeks later a neighbor comes over looking for pulleys..ARGH.. However, I still managed to scrounge up what he needed so my reputation as the neighborhood go to guy for junk and hardware remains intact. Anyway, the whole idea of the clear out was to make room to work in. Being mechanically inclined but broke when young meant I saved anything I ever thought I could ever use, So I saved darn near anything I could lay my hands on. Add in many years of doing car demo derby's, wood crafts and some other things and I could not move in there. I also get a lot of free stuff in my business: So much that it's a constant battle to keep it under control. One of the shop projects was sorting through over 20 buckets of hand tools. Wrenches, sockets, pliers, screwdrivers, hammers, Torx, Allen, etc. I had so much that I added two more 6' tall tool boxes. But, its so nice now to finally be able to go to the drawer that has what I need, not searching through bottomless boxes, pails, tops of workbenches, etc. The result of the purge is great. I know where stuff, is, I have way more room to work and walk around, and it's fun again to work in the shop. Besides the extra boxes I bought, I splurged and bought a 3'x4' hydraulic scissor lift table at an online auction house, I will be adding a 4'x6' x 1/4" top plate to expand it. My main use will be to work to work on my harden tractor collection. They all run, but need clean up's, some paint, some custom work. All this work has finally allowed me to work on the shop Mule. Sorry for the long way around on this explanation! Staring with the most important one, I have a Cub Original, 123 (first hydro) and a late 80's non-descript hydro model that runs good good but was a joke of a mower: Economy Power King 24/14 with hydraulics, Power King 16/14 with factory loader, Wheel Horse Raider 12, a mid 60's Monkey Wards rear engine rider, and a slew of MTD/Murray/Roper tractors rounding out the herd, Oops, forgot about the Simplicity 16LTH and Broadmoor, I really like those two. The goal is to get them nice enough to interest all my grand kids and get them into the hobby. Sorry for the long stories: John/SM41
  5. Sorry some of the pics are blurry. It was cold out and I think the Iphone fogged up a bit. If anyone has any photo requests, ill see what I can do. John/SM41
  6. Looks like it worked so here's a few more. I found a same style fuel tank at an auction many years ago and that's what sitting on the tractor right now. The original tank has some gray paint splashed on it which I think I can get off without messing up the original lettering. I've never even wiped down this tank so I/m thinking a careful cleaning might brighten it up a bit. to keep things from getting stepped on, I piled the seat, fenders and hood on the right rear tire while it's in the shop. here is the info stamped into the dash: Shop Mule Serial No. AL521. Engine serial No. FAA47616. Shop Mule Type A14. I did notice a couple of differences in my mule from others in web photos. Mine has an additional steering support bracket that bolts to the left side of the main left plate. Mine also has nuts welded to the inside of the side plates with three bolts on the left side and 2 bolts on the right side that go down thru the top plate where they bolt down. I'm sure they made a lot of minor changes as they built these. I've also seen hand throttles on some although I don't have one, I hope the photos answer some of the questions regarding tires, etc.
  7. Wow, guys, thanks for all the replies and photos. Im going to try and post one test pic to see how it turns out. If its good, Ill post more asap.
  8. Thank you Rainman and Sledgehammer. I appreciate the welcome. I've read through some old posts on this site about shop mules and a couple guys who have them. I think 2+2 Guy has one. You are right, maybe a one ton dually could hold it. Both rear wheels have the heavy cast centers which add considerable weight. One of the neat features of this tractor I may not be able to get working is that it came with a horn, with a button in the center of the steering wheel. Might just have to fake that up. As a side note. I contacted the Village of River Forest Illinois Historical Society about the tractor, as it's name is painted on the gas tank. I receivd a nice reply from someone who is going to research any background available on the unit. As an FYI, River Forest is west of and adjacent to Chicago where Hebard built these tractors so it's never been far from home.They have pre-invited me to bring it to one or more of their yearly celebrations, once it's finished. That would be a thrill for all of us. Anytime you can get some provenance on a tractor, it's exciting. I've already decided to have the tank repainted the same way, or, I may just leave the tank as is after the rest is restored. I know that's not the way most tractors are displayed, but I almost hate to paint over almost 77 years of history. Pics coming as soon as possible. Not much to look at right now, all rusty and partially apart. But that's how we like to find them, right? John/SM41
  9. Hello, this is my first post, so please excuse any missteps on my part in this posting. As an introduction, I live in extreme north east Illinois, not far from the Wisconsin border. I have been a member of local tractor and engine clubs on both sides of the border. I am self employed the last 6 years which has finally given me the opportunity and the means to finally work on a project I started in 1990. That year, (pre-internet for the younger viewers) I called about an ad I saw in a local trading paper that had photos. The photo showed a tractor, partially apart. I immediately grabbed my hardbound IHC tractor book to figure out what it was. Well, it kind of looked like a Farmall, A, but then again it didn't. So, I went to take a look. What I found was a W. F. Hebard shop mule, that had " Village of River Forest No.13" painted on the fuel tank. The hood and a couple other pieces were off, but it looked complete. Although I had no idea of the rarity of this machine, I liked its small stance: Less than a full sheet of plywood which suited me due to storage and hauling issues. I chewed the guy down (it was sitting in the back lot of an auto body shop in a western Chicago suburb) and hauled it home. By the way, the engine appeared to be stuck. `My wife is from Sheboygan County Wi.. Her folk's neighbor was a retired tractor mechanic who was willing to work on it if I did not rush him. So I hauled it up there and waited: Over two years! He only broke down and worked on it because he was tired of all the people knocking on his door offering to buy it. After only a few days, he had it running pretty good. He apologized to me for having to buy a coupe of new push rods for $2.50 each, plus a few misc. parts. He said it freed up easy and had almost 50 psi oil pressure. Yay! So, I picked up this still completely rusty mess and hauled it back home. I did manage to take it to a couple shows, in the early 90's: Rock River in Edgerton Wi. and to the Michigan Flywheelers show. It attracted a lot of attention at both shows. Almost too much. I was bombarded by guys trying to buy it. I was still not sure what I had, but felt darn lucky to have it. By the way, this was the first tractor I ever bought as a "collector" tractor. Beginners luck, huh? So, now knowing I had something kind of special, I thought it time to clean it up. This involved me unbolting all the externals but keeping it as a rolling chassis. I took many photos, which by the way, I am still searching for. But, life has a way of getting in the way of projects: Kids and all their needs, changing jobs, working multiple jobs at once, etc all kept me and the project apart. A couple years after getting it apart, I built a new larger garage and moved it and all the loose parts under a section of pallet racking where it sat the next 20+ years. Fast forward to the RPRU held at Union Grove Wi. a couple years ago. I attended as its 45minutes from home. I saw several shop mules on display and the bug started gnawing on me inside to get to work on mine. Still busy running my own business, I kept it in mind as my next big project. Fast forward March 2018. I saw a shop mule sell for $10,750.00 by Aumann Auctions in PA. the month before. NOW, I'M MOTIVATED! By the way, thanks to the internet, parts are now plentiful and easy to get. Not so much back 25 years ago. This time I made a plan. I currently have someone restoring my Ford 8N up in Sheboygan County Wi.. He does beautiful work, but only restores Ford tractors. After pleading my case with him about wanting a first class restoration, he agreed to work on it: This coming fall 2018 "after racing season ends". Fine with me! All he said was that he wants it in one piece when I drop it off. No problem...So I thought. So , I roll her out from under the pallet racking, and start to bolt it all back together. Generator, air filter housing (minus missing oil cup) the big metal plates that surround the torque tube, dash and gauges, steering gear box, etc. I wire wheeled all the bolts in my parts stash, all fine thread BTW, while putting the clutch shaft back on: ? Clutch pivot shaft? Where is that darn shaft? Ru Ro Rorge,, can't find that shaft to save my life. I have every other part I took off but that shaft. That's problem number 1. Next up, although I have all the parts for the rear frame members that support the seat, fenders and hitch, the bolts just don't seem to be the right lengths. This should all be simple enough but I'm stumped, so that's problem number 2. This is what led me to this site and I'm hoping for the best from all of you complete strangers, but brothers in Red. At this point, I think I need to go see another A-14 type shop mule. Mine's a 41 model. I need to take a bunch of photos, some measurements and whatever so I can make or buy whatever I need to get this thing back together. I'm willing to drive, buy you lunch and wash your dog if necessary so as I can get the info I need and get this project rolling again. I will post some pics as soon as I can get my tech guy to help me do so. Might take a few days or more. Sorry for boring everyone who reads this. But also thank's in advance to anyone who can help out on this.
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