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Progress report on my 66 I.H. pick-up restoration

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2 hours ago, FarmallFan said:

Too bad your so far away. It would be a big trip charge for me to come help you out. :D:D:D 

   May need You & Danny to make service calls! Can I pay you in Almonds? lol


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1 hour ago, AKwelder said:

Looking amazing Tony.  Oh my that is sharp, the paint is perfect and like glass, perfect

  AKwelder, Thank You ,  I have never saw so much sanding in my life . It actually got  dishearten going and seeing the same grey primer being applied over and over but now I see what he was doing .

    He told me when I contracted with him ; " When I start doing body prep your not going to like me because every time you come in its going to look the same , and do not expect it in two years"   If He finishes as he thinks by end of year or first of year ,It will be two years & Four months , Which really has helped me because its going to cost more then I figured so spreading out over 3  crop years makes it more palatable. lol.   As long as my wife does not add up all the checks she has been doing on the computer to Rob.  :ph34r:  However, she saw these latest pictures and I could see the excitement in her face.  She commented," I thought it would be just an old truck," I said," No Dear, I am putting Vintage air so you can enjoy without messing your hair." B)


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9 hours ago, TroyDairy said:

wow its been 3 years since you got it already?!

      Holy Crap ! I started counting my fingers and I miss spoke  . I took it in on October of 2014 so two years this Oct and a finish of Feb 2017 would be 2 years four months Sorry.   I bought it June of 14.

     Seems like its been five years !


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Man, tony, that thing will be so nice I would be afraid to drive it. Imagine a stone coming off the tire of the vehicle in front of you!  You need to hire Superman to be you're guardian angel!!



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Jerry ,

    My guardian Angel is already overworked protecting me:lol:

     Thanks for comments.

      I've been thinking of that , perhaps a bra for the road.

          I am thinking perhaps trade in my 15,000 G.V.W. 18.ft tilt bed trailer for a enclosed car hauler trailer .  There are four nice car shows I would like to participate in, on the Central coast, three hours South of us. and I can haul it there and keep inside if we stay few days before and after and not get Salty film on it.

        Also, If I retire and Good Lord allows me good health & enough  MONEY ,My Dream would be get a Motor Home & tow it enclosed cross country to a RPRU . That's a big dream but we'll see. Carol votes big time on this idea, she says she'll tag team drive. So there's to a good start.



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   Had Two special visitors from out of town both farmers familiar with restoring old equipment that touched our lives.

     We cut short our tractor Wednesday at my shop  11/16/16  and went to visit the pick up in town.

       We found Rob painting the bed , Took pic's thru window in booth. and found the fenders on pick up and window frames being installed . The grill & Glass are ready for installation.

           Pictures of My friends L to R  Tony from up North,  Bob ,My right hand Mechanic ,and my long time friend Joe.    Pictures of Rob painting Bed and also prove that as good as he is he does get red paint on his suit. Rob is the owner and does his own painting on larger projects.

  This thing is finally getting very exciting!










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 Few more pic's from todays visit 11/18/16

      Bed being buffed,  New glass being installed, Its a light bronze tint , passenger side both windows in and operating , drivers side just the wing  glass in.  Light bronze tent because upholstery will be buckskin.

    Inside of hood painted .

        Pictures of my donor truck , the 345 & tranny were donated and rocker panel on passenger side was donated along with many other items.










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Tony the truck looks fabulous !!   Where did the window rubber ,door seals , wing window seals etc, come from ?

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1 hour ago, Kevingweq said:

Tony the truck looks fabulous !!   Where did the window rubber ,door seals , wing window seals etc, come from ?

 Lot of parts are coming from I.H. parts from America and many that can generic are coming from his regular suppliers . I would have to ask him to be sure but I asked him if he needed seals that I had found some on E-bay and he said he had given I.H. parts a large order and was waiting to see what came in.

  I am surprised I.H. parts of America has been able to come up with more then I ever figured.

   I'll ask him next time in probably week after next.   The glass he bought in bulk and had local shop cut it.


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  • 2 weeks later...

Had to take a peak today!

    Here is what I found.

     New exhaust  manifolds were back from Cermichrome & installed

     All but rear glass was installed. Rear glass seal was sent wrong.

    Wire harness is in , Distributor being fitted .

    Drive line was made new and ended up being to short so that needs to be redone.

     Vintage air brackets being made.

      I wanted to save the original I.H. radiator tanks . They arrived from polisher when I was there everybody was surprised how they turned out.  I had told them that I.H. used some quality Brass & copper back in the day and if you give it some love it will reward you. And Please do not remove the I.H. tab & number plate  still attached . I told them guard that tag with your life.  polisher wanted to remove it.lol.

    Few pic's,













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       Checked on Pick up today.

         Buffer man working on bed.

          Man working on installing , Rebuilt starter, Harmonic balancer, Fuel pump was going to be a problem, so ,decided to go electrical inside tank.

           Rear window was installed.

           Tail Gate Letters are painted

            Buffing on hood getting ready for emblem . BTW ,streak's are from light.

             Last but not least a 1959 Chevy pick-up in for some touch up . Looks pretty nice. Have no idea who owns it. Just thought you might like a change. lol.










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3 hours ago, SMOKER 1 said:

Can't wait to see the IH when done!  That model of Chevy never impressed me.  Thought they were uglier than an Edsel!!


 At this point ,Jerry , I would not trade three of them for one Binder.:rolleyes:


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3 hours ago, new guy said:

You better tip the painter that did the lettering!! That turned out awesome!!

  SHHHH , I hope he does not expect it !  but yes your right. It was Rob. himself that did it.


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 Little more progress 12/9/16.

      Getting radiator & fan shroud set it along with larger pulleys to accommodate vintage air.

       We are seeing if we can use the original air cleaner , trying to modify inside to accommodate a paper filter and eliminate oil. Remember this had a six in it , So everything is a new day.

     Made a new battery holder .

      They are starting wiring harness under dash.

       Grill received from  out for new iodizing

       Stand with all the numbered parts that were taken off this one or the donor.













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  • 2 weeks later...

       Wiring getting installed .

          Brackets for Vintage air had to be modified because of proximity to fan to radiator.

         Having problems with fuel tank  one is straight but rotten inside,  other is great inside but outside is bent up.  None for that model available .  So took one apart and using it as shell for the bent one.

         Now comes the job of picking out the wheels that will highlight truck the best.





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