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Turbo Maps for S2E114 and 3LM-466


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Hey all,

I am in the process of restoring a 1965 F-700 Ford, merging the body on to a s1900 IH chassis. Its a 1986 with a 466C (180hp). The old TO4 that was on this motor was getting pretty tired, so I replaced the turbo with a S2E114 (167336).

I also considered using 3LM-466 (193876), but landed on the S2E for the following reasons:

1. I understood the S2E114 has more capacity. All fuel settings the same, the S2E will flow more air (make more power). I recently found some comments (forums) indicating that the S2E may not have this edge in capacity. I also recognize that the this is a difficult subject, as turbine efficiency/design comes into play here, so simple inlet/outlet measurements are not always the true "tale of the tape". Muddying the subject further, a more efficient compressor will put less waste heat into the charge air, which can result in a higher mass flow, but with a lower boost pressure. I am assuming the S2E has the edge here, being a newer design, but this is a guess on my part. This truck has an MW pump, and I want to turn it up to around 275hp. The truck will never have much load on it I want to avoid installing an intercooler if I can, so I am going to get a pyrometer and watch it hard.

Any comments out there for actual experience with either of these turbos? Has anyone ran both turbos?

2. The S2E was a "heavier built" turbo. Reasons sighted from my research (forums) were a more robust bearing system. I have since learned the shaft on the S2E may be slightly smaller. The differences here are probably minor, and both are good turbos that will probably give long service life, so this wasn't a deal breaker either way for me.

3. The S2E apparently has a really nice "whistle" the 3LM lacks. This is about the only thing that isnt disputed on the forums. This truck is going to strictly be a big toy, so I thought a louder turbo would be a nice touch. This might be dumb reason, but what the heck!

Does anyone out there have maps for these two turbochargers? It seems like a comparison of maps would be helpful. I have checked Borg Warner's website, but I cant see find anything for these two. It seems that since these are OEM replacement turbos, there isn't much design information for either.

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