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454 tractor wiring diagram

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i bought a 454 tractor and someone cut up the dash wiring so i bought a new dash harness but i'm not 100% sure where a couple wires go and i can't find a wiring diagram i bought a shop manual but it doesn't have a wiring diagram on it

dose anyone have one ?????

theres 3 wires on the alternator one goes up to the amp meter, then the 2 in the plug (one goes to the starter) and the other one goes somewhere up under the dash but i don't know where???????



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I would think that one would have to go to the ignition switch as power for the field.

Here's a generic hookup that makes me believe that


See if you can read this and see if the numbers and colors are right. IH says its one size fits all

post-468-0-48743000-1453586671_thumb.jpg post-468-0-10128400-1453586762_thumb.jpg


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