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IH 1456 Gold Demo S/N 13206 Restoration Progress

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I'm the 4th owner of his 1456. It was sold new At Goss Imp. in Honey Grove TX to Ralph Owens of Allens Point TX. Mark H. Goss started the dealership in 1940. He ran it until his death in 1972, and his Sons Mark H. Goss Jr. and Harry Goss took over the dealership until it closed in the mid 80s. Mark H. Goss Jr died in 2001 and Harry Goss is still living. I contacted Harry Goss to come and look at this 1456 after I got it to fill in some history gaps and confirm that it did indeed sell new at Goss Imp. He walked up to it and said not only does he know the history of it but he sold it new. There use to be a picture that hung in the dealership of the Goss's and Ralph Owens standing by the 1456 gold demo the day it sold new but it has been lost to time.

IH 1456 Gold Demo

S/N 13206

Original Factory Specs

-Factory TA

-Factory Cab

-Hyd Seat

-Standard steering

-11L-15 6 Bolt Hubs

-1000 PTO

-Deluxe air Pre cleaner

-Long Bar 118" axles

All new wiring from front to back, rebuilt fuel pump, added the tilt steering, added clutch assist, re installed the Hyd seat w/rebuilt valve, swapped the 6 bolt 11L-15s for 8 bolt 10.00-16s, added 4 sets of wheel weights and dual hubs. Installed new Schwitzer 3LD279 turbo and exhaust elbow, rebuilt shifters on top and bottom, rebuilt hyd lever linkages, Fixed all the typical oil leaks, swapped front axle for a better condition rebuilt axle, New crankshaft damper pulley, new water pump, Installed IH belly mounted fuel tank, Added IH oil pressure gauge, Added IH front mount Aux Hyd hook ups and factory break away Hyd connections. It dyno's 150hp before adding the new turbo.


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It will go back gold once its all mechanicaly 100%. Transmission and brakes need to be rebuilt. I need to pull the pan and check the bearings too. I think the lifters need adjusting as well. The 3pt leaks down and probly needs o-rings every where. Its just a matter of having the time and $ to do it. Ive had a few ask about the belly tank being painted gold to match. No, the belly tank will be solid red when its painted. Im not going to paint the backside of the sheet metal. Im going to leave it as as to preserve the original gold and proff that its a legit gold demo. I still havent decided on repainting the dash black or leave it the original black. Ive been looking at some Firestone 23* radial R1W deep treads and they look sharp. Wish BFGs were still available.

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