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Started My 806 L.P. restoration

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8 minutes ago, tony in ca. said:

   Spoke with my machine shop today ; to ask if they hot tanked it they said no it was clean so they steamed it and pressure checked.

       They said they never heard of a sealer applied at welding ?

         UPS just delivered the Texas Head . It goes to machine shop tomorrow.


on some aluminum items like transmissions I have heard of a sealer that stops the hot fluid from sweating out the case, but I have never heard of it on cast iron heads. Normally the only sealer you hear about is the mechanic in a can.

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1 hour ago, TroyDairy said:

2 things....

1. Why does the tire have tubes?  Radial right?

2. Has someone ever broke that casting with a man and chain binder?

Looks great, love love the grill.

Yes.  Had fully restored a W30 and it had a place on the casting for a hook and it cracked the casting the first time I trailered it.  Ruined the whole front axle assembly.  Had a millwright weld it back and just lived with the welded look.  Also broke a wishbone on a 656 by chaining to it.  I'm a tight chain guy.  When I chain, I make sure all twists are out of chain and rachet them as tight as I can, like a fiddle string.  If  I'm going across state lines, I let air pressure down slightly in the tires to give it some shock relief.  I have boomers but only use them when I run out of rachets (must come from my old steel hauling days).  On tractors with a drilled frame rail, I use a 5/8 by 3 steel plate bolted to the frame and attach a high tensile hook and chain to it.  Also makes for easier chaining on the trailer when hauling a multiple load.  

I run tubes in radial tires that are ballasted.  Run tubes in all bias tires, reguardless.


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I do like the hook plate ideas I've seen for handy factor.  Would it be unsafe to toss a 3' heavy strap over the wt bracket spacer then bind each loop to trailer?.  So not to mar up the paint.  And yeah we run tubes will Cal in radials but if dry they dont have one.  I didnt think Tony had cal in the 806 though!  Make complete sense if bias plys.  Why did you choose bias Tony?  The look or price? ?

 Funny tube thing.  On our NDE mixer it has Alliance 17" tires, super heavy.  If you run them to spec of 65 psi no tubes they go flat bi-weekly i swear.  Stick a tube in and run at 100 psi with a can of sealer they last for.....well no flats for 3 years.  Tire shop guys figured this out since the tire is a obb ball they never had one if 1 of the 7 NDE mixers around got a flat.  They are quite low pro so the overall height is lower.  Our old Loewen had 22.5 truck tires....

Much better imo... cheap and easy to get and lasted years.  The next year NDE came out with 17.5 truck tires on tandems and duals.  They last decent but guys say the side force turning loosens up concrete and will almost push you straight when loaded.  

Tony i am working on the wife to get to Pismo this year yet!  After this winter I need a break.  Whoa....i bet thats the 1st time ive said that in my life!

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that last sentence on above post is just the start of little aging , nothing serous , just need to rejuvenate your self a little;)

i used this tires because I have them on the 300u & 1456 and really like the look & stance of them.

as for the hooks we'll stay with them for now but keep an eye on them , perhaps change later . 

I have an assortment of D ring brackets that are for rails . So I can go either way.

appreciate the heads up and experience with cast mountings.

Troy as for Pismo it's good anytime but just ideas: Memorial Day a Cat show , digging & vet tribute 3day weekend in Santa Margarita 25 min. North of Pismo 

June , Father's Day car show in Pismo , huge two day event. 

August , third weekend Portuguese celebration 

2nd sat of Oct pioneer Days paso Robles

35 minutes north of Pismo 

short distance from Pismo is Morro Bay

Camberia by the sea , Hurst Castle .



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        Ups  dropped off Texas head . Looks good to the eye.

         Going to machine shop in morning.

               This one has valves ,springs complete. ?


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       New old head looks decent on surface  however , the first three cylinders have the same pitting as mine . Must be a thing with these.

       Going back to Smoker 1 post about tie downs , Here are pictures of two different kinds I had made for my Girls ,They are made to go on rails.

         However, the hooks on spacers looked so much more clean & discreet and stronger. imho.

          Few pictures of the two styles I made . first are stationary for rails & second box are d-ring style made for rails both have measurements to go else where on tractor.

              However, I worry about front more so because rear we just put a 3000lbs axle strap to the hitch each side and attach chains.

            Went out to study the situation and I believe if tied to rail and had a bad jerk could possibly flex rail and break castings on motor mounts and on hooks a jerk may break frontcasting but it would be easier to  replace, imho. 

  Also, I think depending on who the correct police judge is and how he is feeling on a particular day ,He may complain about the rail mountings also because they were not factory installed.  So , I think its six of one & half dozen of other.

   BTW 1st pic is 806, 2nd is 1468, & 3rd is 1456.  I will use the ones I had built on the older models I have .








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7 hours ago, new guy said:

Could you go with the tie down straps that fit over the tire on the fronts? You would then need to chain the rears front and back to control for and aft movement but would eliminate hooks on the front end.

Good thought .

    On a one or two haul no problem .

    Its when we go to Tulare and take 12 tractors we need to streamline and make it easy . Its coming back that gets tough because everyone is tired and I want them back ASAP.


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I'm sure anything can happen but hooking to the weight bracket area like your doing would not worry me at all. Them tractors spent thousands of hours bouncing across rough fields with 1,000 lbs hanging on that bracket. 


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I had a good idea for your 806LP

tee off a line at outlet of fuel tank, run hose up to right fender and mount a BBQ grill where factory radio goes. 

Than in parades you can be flipping fresh burgers while all the diesel guys are eating burritos reheated on their exhaust manifold. 


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15 hours ago, 65806 said:

I had a good idea for your 806LP

tee off a line at outlet of fuel tank, run hose up to right fender and mount a BBQ grill where factory radio goes. 

Than in parades you can be flipping fresh burgers while all the diesel guys are eating burritos reheated on their exhaust manifold. 


      We need a authentic I.H. period correct Foreman Grill.  Certainly be able to keep rolling through lunch on long tractor rides , Which we do not have out here:angry:

         Could have a fire pit on other fender for warmth during snow plowing , That we also do not have out here:angry:

            Darn, have to stick with fender radio for "OLD 60's-70's COUNTRY" tunes ! No "Florida Georgia  line ",on my 60's tractor:lol:  If I had flat tops I perhaps could of had 60's-70's Go- Go  girls on the other fender:wub:

     Oh the possibilities,


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  Happy Tractor Therapy Wednesday 3/1/17,

         While waiting on latest head' turn at machine shop , We decided to install rear wheel weights.

              It had two /per wheel but they were the solid type.

          We are going with two sets of split weights. I ordered bolts shown in book .However , I am not quite sure the bolts should be as they are.

         I'll post picture here . We put the square head bolt on first weight , then mounted second weight all fits well but first bolts are short of hole & show through.

        I am thinking will go 6 inch sq. on 1st with a jam nut against wheel then have it come through & nut on second. To fill hole & look complete & solid.

       Need expertize I have never had two splits together , only the solid style. So tell me how you do it.

        We then moved on to the two Quick hitches  that I recently found and purchased . They are Cat 2-3 and will go on 1456 & 1468.  The linkage was frozen and few pieces broken. 

     So we took one completely apart to order parts & blast and machine wallowed holes.

        I ordered many linkage parts ,we'll know in a week how many I scored and how many I have to make.

    BTW, The first pic is with single weight , 2nd is with the two weights . Notice bolts peeking from behind.?  Next the painted hitch is the worse one ,its all apart ready for blasting & machine shop. The last two pics is the good hitch as far as wear However , Linkage is stuck and we are trying to pull it apart for blasting & renewal .  We heated the heck out of it will see what happens tomorrow.

 These hitches are older style & newer style The red one has new style handles . which I like the old style better.














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       Still waiting on verdict on latest head. Machine shop swamped so I have to practice Patients. I found another very reasonable , So, I have a back-up . We are going to have a good running tractor one way or another. lol.

    I have one of quick hitches all apart and back from blaster . This was the more used one .  I need to get it into machine shop to re do hitch pin holes as they are wallowed out and look bad.

     I ordered all the parts I need for linkages on both hitches, from dealer , So far , they have been priced out and they say coming from all ends of the earth. 

       So far no NLA notices however , he says we may get it when they go to pull the parts. keeping my fingers xed.

        JUST FYI ! They have a brand new Cat 3 quick hitch CIH on the floor for 449.00 . However , it has some characteristics but its square and the handles are the generic as on all the aftermarket ones.  Probably look good on a 88 series perhaps IDK.

          I am going to have more then that in parts for the two ,Not mentioning blasting , painting ,machining holes, what I paid for them and shipping:lol:

      This Red disease is worse then gambling:mellow:

         This week Tractor therapy will be on Thursday3/ 9th and Bob & I & my cousin are doing a road trip to Paso Robles .  Little red involved. 

             Talk to you Thursday evening ,if my wife lets me back in house.:)   I've got a scapegoat I'm blaming my neighbor Eddie & Chris. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.


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I just got a price for a new quick hitch for our MX 270 and was quoted $438 so you are getting an excellent price offer on that one at 449 . I am sure it costs more for CNH to smuggle that into Calli because of some regulation or another

I hope you can get the head issue resolved sooner than later, going to be nice to see the video of it in its first parade all decked out

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27 minutes ago, AKwelder said:

This might interest you Tony. 





Parts, spare, serial numbers, oh boy

  Thanks AKwelder ,

        Very interesting .  Clean looking old girl.


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       Tractor Therapy Thursday this week 3/9/17. Was planning to do road trip to Paso Robles ,However, Needed to be present at ranch for a meeting this morning.

     Bob & I had good shop day even though it was after lunch before I joined him.

     David had all the powder coated re-paints finished for us today. 

     We replaced right side steps and the K & M steps on left.

    Asked but got no response on dual weights bolts etc.  I ordered Gold colored Grade 8 square Head six inch for main  bolts then installed the smaller square head on outer weights.

    I like it from standpoint that there are no empty holes . Bob & I got those on and happy with it.

       We then turned our attention to the second Quick hitch . Took it apart and took to blaster.

     We visited  I.H. parts to check on our Quick hitch parts order and add to it . They say they should be here next week.

       Checked with David the painter  all the sheet metal should be done next week.  All they white is done & He is cutting and buffing hoods.

          Now the important part !  Texas head passed pressure test & I bought another  382099 head for very reasonable price & it looks the best . No Pot marks on front three cylinders .

       I told them to ping blast , pressure test , and if it passes everything then lets pick the better of the two ,which I think is the one I took in Yesterday. 

         Both need Guides & seats.

              I am getting excited to get her done !







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      One item that we need figure out is on hydraulic clutch.

    Need to make a stop for peddle . Do not want peddle coming back and stopping against the snap ring in cylinder.

     To my knowledge a Hyd. clutch was not made for 806 .  Using a 1066 hyd. kit we adopted this to 806.

      What little I have driven it back in Jan. it really makes a difference. imho.


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2 hours ago, tony in ca. said:

  Guys , I apologize , I posted Tractor Therapy Thursday update of 3/9/17

       On the 66 Binder restoration thread.

        Perhaps if B.J. sees this maybe He can work his magic to switch it to here.




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   I am getting impatient. 

      This machine shop is popular but very slow . I have two heads in there now and I told them pressure test, blast &checkout both and pick the best one for guides & valves.

     Early on in restoration someone asked How long I was giving myself ?

      I said 17 months based on some of my other restorations .  Smoker 1 , said over a year for him is tough ,  Well, here I am at 14 1/2 months with clock ticking.

   My big worry is what if its something we did not catch in block that is causing the light milky steam.   If so I'll just sell it to Twostepin and it will go back to Texas. :)

      Assuming the head cures everything , by the time we paint it get it running and checked out , fix little leaks etc . & have David out for paint touch ups. It will eat up the clock.

    Good thing about it is we have two Quick hitches to rebuild and lot of touch up work on the other girls to keep us on track while waiting.

     Also in a little over a month we need to get 10 of these girls ready for the Big Dance @ C.A.F.E.S.:wub:

       Hopefully 2018 it will be 12 .  I think reaching a dozen at show one time is enough ! After that I'll start rotating them two or three per year.  Adding the 806L.P. & the 350 reverse loader, ( AKwelder's pick)   I say that because AK welder found the 350 reverse loader . & twostepin found the 806L.P.  We are doing little work to the loader & 350 to clean her up for showing.

       Just like the P.U. its the finishing touches that takes the time.:huh:


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I have good thoughts for you that the new head will cure your problems.

Seems like these tractors just want to test your nerves but you are showing it that your serious. 

Not sure what advice I could give to make machine shop go faster. 

Im having a little taste of what your going through on my own tractor. Got it all painted up nice THEN the remote hydraulic valve decided to start leaking, so I'm tearing that off for rebuild. 

Good luck, everyone on here has their fingers crossed that the new head will fix you up. 

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that 350 is just plain neat, I am so glad you gave it a good home Tony


maybe I can slip down with the boys while you are freshining her up


12 at the show? Dang. The shed is getting full

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3/15/17  Tractor Therapy Wednesday,

    Amazing how many little finishing touches there are.

      No word on head yet .

      Sheet metal is all painted . Picked it up from David.

         We put light brackets on and head lights . Did the wiring on head lights and rear light & flasher.

       Put the emblems on & fitted panels . Taped grease zerk threads and replaced with new zerks.











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