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Scout II rear bumper build

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I wanted something a little more heavy duty for trail/off road use on the back of my Scout. It had to be heavy enough to hold up the whole rig and also have at least one tow point for recovery and tie down purposes. I know you all like pics so here it goes.

The first bumper I made. It was done in 15 minutes, painted, and thrown in for a next day trail ride. This one worked but wasn't as nice as I wanted it to be. (The tube is an Allis Chalmers planter frame)


After a visit to the local welding shop for supplies.


The goal was to sleeve heavy wall tubing into the frame and build off of that. First step was to mark and cut out the portion covering the open box end of the frame.



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Next was to cut the sleeves




And drill it out for bolts. I drilled the entire frame and made mounting bolts from 3/4 all-thread.


Holes were drilled into the bottom and side of the frame and sleeves for side to side rigidity.


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Next I turned to the 2x5" box tubing for the main portion of the bumper. I wanted something other than square ends so after some sharpie work, torch, and a flapper wheel or two I ended up with a shape.



It also got a hole cut through the middle for the 2" receiver.



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Next up was to inlay the sleeves into the bumper and weld everything inside and out for strength finishing off with capping the holes.




Checking for level.


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Looks sharp! Wondering why you didn't make it 7-8" wider to match side? Also what are the bolts for? To align? Do they go all the way though? I love the sq tube mount. Very slick looking for sure man!

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1) It's hard to tell from the pictures but I spent a lot of time deciding on the final width. Right now it matches up with the body lines. I didn't want it sticking out past the body because I was afraid the ends might hook on something going down the trail.

2) The bolts go through the frame into the heavy wall tube sleeves. That makes them almost like giant set screws. With the end of the bolts going into a corresponding hole in the sleeve it gives me strength from a pulling aspect along with taking out any horizontal or vertical play and vibration.

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I'm just curious; why didn't you use the holes in the frame that IH mounted the reese hitch to. NICE BUMPER!!!! I'm sure that will hold much better than the stock rear bumper mounts!! Eason

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The old one was bent from dropping off a rock ledge so I wanted as much strength as I could possibly get. This one will support the weight of the entire Scout and then some.

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Envious of talented metal work.I learned from the school of "cut twice" and "measure once" and my work shows it. lol. lol.Nice bumper & workmanship.Tony


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