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Long Overdue Maintenance on a 986


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Hello Guys,

I am currently borrowing my Dad's tractor. It is a 986 with about 2200 hours. It was my grandpas (on my moms side) tractor, and he mostly used it for loader work around his property. He was a farmer, but they were running much bigger rigs and this was just his "utility" tractor. After my grandpa passed, it went to my parents. Dad also just uses it around the property for "utility" work, although there has been some discing and lighter field work here and there. Dad isn't rough on equipment, but he also doesn't do a lot of maintenance. SO since I have it for the fall/winter, and I am much more mechanically inclined.

So to start I replaced a leading power steering hose, and then in driving it around a bit, I realized the clutch was out of whack. I read the post about the 86 series clutch adjustment, so I am pretty clear on the process, but have one question on that:

1) any way to tell if the clutch is "over center" or if it needs the free play adjusted? I've just seen referrals to clutches that haven't been adjusted regularly being "over center" with the throw out bearing?

Right now the clutch engages at the very end of the clutch pedal travel when your letting it out. It doesn't seem to slip at all (I pulled a very large felled spruce out of the yard, about 26" diameter trunk, with limbs and all, and tractor didn't even blink). I can tell the trans brake needs to be adjusted because it doesn't always engage right (gear grinding).

This brings me to question 2. To check on the dump valve function, I put the TA into low (was in high, probably has been in high for a long time). Went into low without too much difficulty, but the speed didn't really change. Went to take it out of low (while moving) after stopping and starting a couple times, and I couldn't get the lever back to high. Clutch was a lot smoother with TA in low, so I am sure the dump valve needs to be adjusted.

2) Do you think this is just a linkage binding, or is there something up with the TA?

Tractor drives just fine in low, just cant get it back into high at the moment. I haven't investigated this too hard yet, just stuck it in low this evening.

I would appreciate any input anyone has on this. The tractor is pretty solid other than adjustments and maintenance that needs to be done. And being that it was my Grandpas, I want to make sure it gets the care/attention it deserves.

Thanks again,


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Good show. Might want to replace it and adjust it well. Sluggish shifting on the TA is hard on them.

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