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DT 466 P Pump Conversion (from MW Bosch)


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Hey guys. I am building a hot rod truck from an 1987 s1900 chassis and a 60's F600 cab. The motor is a 180hp DT466.

I am in the hunt for 300 to 400hp, depending on the economics. It sounds like that MW runs out of steam around 300hp without big mods, depending on how much air you can give it (and depending which pump shop you ask).

My other option is to find a p-pump, either a 3000 from a NGD or a 7100 from a Cummins. I would try to find a core - any suggestions which I should go with? It sounds line both are capable pumps, but which is more popular with the 466 crowd? It sounds like the tractor pulling shop have conversion kits available (plate, hub, gear) for either pump, although I am not too sure on price.

How much can you turn up a stock p-pump? I know they came in 10mm, 11mm and 12mm, so this might be a dumb question.

The other issue is injector lines and injectors. Since a p-pump in this mounting location was never stock, are lines available? I can appreciate how difficult it would be to build your own set by hand - so it's something I want to avoid.

With the injectors, should I source a factory set of 270hp injectors from a 466, or should I go to the aftermarket shops? I am unsure of how tailored the injectors are to the specific pump calibration, or the differences between a set from a MW pump vs p-pump motor. I know my stock 180hp set probably won't cut it!

Thanks in advance!

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I know I will need a bigger turbo, an an air-to-air and injectors as well. I am going to have find a new radiator too. Am I missing anything else?

The truck is should lean-out to about 9000lbs and will be empty most of the time, so I'm not to worried about the stock drivetrain (spicer 5&2), and I am not too worried to chase the weak points as required - this is just a big toy, not a work truck.

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