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TD6 Dozer/Loader

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It's coming along, got to start somewhere. What is this "E" tank you speak of?? Over here I have heard of soaking rusted parts in molasses mixed with water, much like coke I imagine. I have never tried it, but will give it a go just to find out if the people telling me this are just crazy!

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It's coming along, got to start somewhere. What is this "E" tank you speak of?? Over here I have heard of soaking rusted parts in molasses mixed with water, much like coke I imagine. I have never tried it, but will give it a go just to find out if the people telling me this are just crazy!

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Yes the Electrolysis tank helps me clean up steel parts for painting. Takes off some of the paint and rust. Its working on a TD6 headlight bucket right now. Its not sand blasting and its not instant, But it sure beats sanding and grinding. The process is pretty simple, which is part of the beauty of using that process.

So today was one of those days where I like to test myself: Temp was near 90F Humidity was around 100% (rained a couple times) The TD6 had 4 brackets that needed to come off and be repaired and new attachment bolts for the grill guard to be remounted. So I snaked under the front of the tractor with a long sleeve shirt, face shield, welding gloves and cutting torch to remove 14 bolts that were rattling around keeping these brackets from falling off. So with the bolts cut off the brackets were easy to remove.  These may go into the E- tank for clean up after some attention. 

While under there I examined the protective belly pan/ shield under the engine. Yes the right thing to do would be to take it off and get the years of accumulated crud out of there. Not sure I want to tackle that right now? But it sure needs it, and 6 of the bolts that need to go back on go through the shield. Both front hydraulic hoses would need to be moved (disconnected) As they are routed near the sides of the pan.

Seems there are not too many of these loaders on TD6's, so maybe it may help someone in the future.

Will try to get some pictures of things as I progress.





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 Some pictures of the grill guard as it is being refurbished:

Grill guard insert and guard back from getting straightened:




These are the front brackets that hold the grill guard:


Rear brackets that attach the braces from the grill guard:


Some cosmetic welding was needed to tidy things up a bit. Also some grinding of old welds to improve the looks.



Spent most of the day just fitting , welding grinding drilling and tapping and chasing threads. The E-tank was busy all day and is cleaning the rear brackets now. I have to get some steel for the grill guard insert lower extension and for the braces. I like to do fab work so this was a good project to use some blacksmith skills.

This is a shot as the fitting work is progressing


I added two more tabs with 3/8 threaded holes to attach the new piece of steel to the lower portion of the guard. That will be fit and welded to the grill insert as a extension. It was just a big hole before. That should clean that area up and provide some protection from sticks going into the radiator.







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Picked up steel and some bling for the TD6. temps have dropped to high 70's. Hope yo get back at this in next few days.

Have to look at that pan removal project a little more. I would like to clean the years of debris out of that area around the engine.




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 Pictures of the grill guard with lower extension added:




Next will be to clean this assembly maybe prime and paint.




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 I took another look at dropping the protective engine pan. It was only dangling by two bolts. Placed a jack under it and cut the bolts loose.

Lowered the pan and pulled it out from under the machine. It had not been removed in a long time. There was half a wheelbarrow of dirt and debris. A brisk power washing helped find the details. Guess I must have put some dirt there too. Because I had the center hole open enough to change the oil a while ago.

Pretty yuckky! But kind of glad I took it off. It will go back on with new hardware and  that should make it easier if it has to come off again.





I did some layout work for the support bars. Found out I ordered the steel about 8 inches too short! May require some design mods?


Sanded and put a coat of primer on the grill:



Then some red:



I have a question on the emblem for the grill. I can see some black paint in the back ground, and a little red on the letters? Trying to get this acceptable looking to put back on. Any pictures of correct colors would be great.






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Ok folks,

 In looking through the pictures from Brews for me. His TD6 has the emblem in place. I see it has black back ground, and plain letters. I think that is what I am going to do. The red I see on my letters looks like overspray when they added then painted, or touched up the ATECO loader and grill guard. Or maybe my uncle painted the old TD6 once? Look how nice that grill is in Brews TD6!

Brews emblem has a few issues but is in pretty good shape and can be worked out to be as good as new. These are thin aluminum stampings.

Should the screen in the grill be painted red too?




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Let us know if you find any goodies in the belly pan :D

I've dug out more than one 9/16 wrench buried in the muck !

Love all the nice pics

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Now ya went and done it.  Makein part of it pretty.  You know what that will cause.  Looks good.  I think the screen was originally painted red, but what ever works for you. One of my Farmalls has an unpainted screen and it looks good.


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Lou, Kevin exSW, Dennis, Folks,

 Thanks for the positive comments and support! I only found broken bolts in the belly pan!:)

I had some success and set backs in salvaging the grill emblem:



Here is what it looked like prior to me getting fancy and spraying it with a Dupilcolor clear which might as well have been paint remover!


I picked up some # 8 stainless screws for the emblem:. And got the 12 stainless 5/16 cap screws for the grill.


This is what happened after the clear was applied like 5 seconds. Maybe I will leave it crinkle coat? Was a hour or more hand painting that black. Tomorrow is another day with the dozer.


Here are the headlight parts out of the E-tank. Not much buffing required. Cant remember if I asked before the bulbs are a little different than I had seen before. Anyone have a good source for 12 volt bulbs with this special base? Or other options like converting them to LED?


Just a couple shots of original decal placement on the hood. Just thinking ahead a little!:) You know just in case I would get crazy and need to clean up another old item from this machine.








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 Decided to strip the crinkled black paint from the emblem. I like this paint stripper in the spray can. Works good and easy to apply.



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Tanker, Folks

 Thanks! Recovery is everything. I just completed repainting the black background on that emblem again. It will looks OK. This is just a partial clean and paint project, while some items are being repaired or improved. I worked this afternoon on getting the light components cleaned and applied some finished paint.

We have been installing a new propane furnace and central air in the house. So the TD6 has to wait.

Really impressed with your work on your T6! Following your every move!




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 Some TD6 items in process:

Paint booth is open for business:



Hardware cloth installed in grill:



Another coat of red on the mesh


Headlight buckets. One even has the factory run in it!:)


This is the tab that I welded on:


Aluminum rings:


Light brackets:


I did work on the top of the radiator and got some paint on that area. Hoping it looks good with the grill and lights on it. Did get the emblem attached to the grill. The hood is in the E-tank over night. About 50% is submerged for cleaning. Lots of surface area on a hood. Probably should be running a 6 amp charger? Have to get back to some fab work on that grill guard assembly and its new braces. Enough playing for one day.:)



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 The clean and paint and repair project continues on the TD6 with the ATECO (American Tractor Equipment Company) loader Seems I get one thing accomplished and another is waiting for attention. So far I like the results. The tractor will have mostly the original patina with some parts painted. Let me know what you think? Yes the important track adjuster work is still on the list too.

Headlight components:


Grill assembly:


Cleaned and painted top for radiator shell:


Reworked grill in place, SST fasteners and washers:




Center portion of grill guard:


Brackets for grill guard to frame attachment:



Hood in the E-tank, About 24 hours and its ready to go to the body shop for some work to straighten and repair some damage:


Belly pan is next in line for the E-tank. Was just going to wire brush it and say good enough, but thought I might as well give this bulky part a dip too.


Spent some time straightening the back of the dozer near the hydraulic valves. Also took the back flip up cover off and straightened it and it will be cleaned and painted. I am going to attempt to make new spring covers for the big shock springs. Have the steel sheets cut to size just need to get ambitious.









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Far from that! Just a little rattle can work. This is more like a 40 footer!:)

Now yours looks like it might be ready for some shows?

Hope to get the belly pan cleaned up today. Also the layout and fab work for the grill guard diagonal supports need figured out, and attached. Hood is going to the body shop today too.

Decals? Maybe!:)




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I really like the idea of having certain parts pretty and other parts with patina

Here is a couple that a fella restored in Connecticutt






This Best 30 "Snow" Tracklayer got the full treatment


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 Great pictures of unique machines! Thanks for posting. I think that is the theme that I am going for on the TD6. First I don't have the time to tear it apart and do the whole thing. At least not right now. I want to get it back together before winter. Hoping it will be improved a little bit during this down time.

I worked on temporary improvements to the tightening of the tracks. I have to go load some pictures.

Spent time under the dozer working on the broken bolts that hold the spring covers in place. While under there I found that the right side rear track support bar is only being held on by one bolt not 4 as designed. This could be a big problem? Bolts or studs look to be broken off in the rear coil spring support block.



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More pictures. Hope you like them?:)

The hood had a nasty bite out of the left rear corner. This is a patch I added:







Spot welds had rusted through in several places. These were welded closed as a quick fix Hood is not in great shape but still servicable:




This is a shot of the words Chicago USA etched in the steel visabile after I ran the hood through the E-tank:


Dont know if it shows up?


Cover from the belly pan for accesses to the sediment bowl:


Yes the hood:



Layout for the new side braces for the grill guard: (just cant seem to get those layout and fab guys moving in this 90 degree heat)


Neighbor Keith climbed in to the cockpit. He was like a kid with a new toy. Keith is 85, sure hope I am moving that well in 20 years!




Track adjusters have been temporarily repaired just to get buy for a while. Pushed the idler ahead and put in a ring washer behind the nut:




Right track adjuster actually turned and tightened the track a little:



Also straightened the stone guard with a BFH:


I may shim this worn out slider or rail to hold the idler more true. More than a shim, thats a 3/8 inch gap!



New spring covers are in the plans. Got all the broken bolt holes drilled and retapped:


Belly pan in the paint booth:











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