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TD6 Dozer/Loader

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Ok had some quite time and am looking for that air clean cup again For the TD6. I know it runs with out it. But would like to get that on this machine this summer. My guess is that Uncle Jack set it on the track and ran over it??:)

How do I get in touch with the Canadian Hector Gemme?

Still resting after the adventures with making maple syrup. Ended up with 145 gallons of syrup from our small operation. Had 300 folks stop by and visit too.

Must be getting older or something? Turned 65 this year and went to the doctors today. They had me fill out this form that made me feel like a old person!




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 Was feeling lazy but felt I needed to do something post afternoon nap. So the new headlight cam apart. And surprizingly easy too.

Four 7/16 bolt screw heads backed right out, removed screen and bulb to view the reflector.


The bulb is very odd. A GE #1209, it is held in place by turning it over three spring loaded pins. Which still seem to function well!





Lens is in good shape just dirty.



Screen covering lens had two screws holding it, two are missing.


Screen cover removed.


back side of protective screen.


Screen mount/ lens holder. Note the black paint! My guess it was black from the suppiler??


Gasket fell apart. Not surprising. I think I can find one in a sheet of gasket material.


The two clips that hold the glass lens in. The third point is a fixed tab.



Reflector and wires.



Old swivel base from my old light installed.


Pounded out the dent in the skin.


When I get the Electrolysis tank in operation These parts will go into the bath for cleaning.







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You may have noticed, but probably not? I have been away for a while. No not in the big house, just the little house, that Cheryl and I live in. Anyway we have been threatening to do a kitchen update for years. and this turned out to be the year.

 Being retired I decided to be the general contractor and with the help of a kitchen designer we started 10 weeks ago. The design work took several months prior to that and we made some syrup in there too.  Just completed the kitchen this week and now can get back to playing with tractors. I have to say that I did enjoy doing the kitchen as much as a tractor restoration. And yes I do have pictures too if anyone is interested?

So back to the TD6. Yesterday I started it for the first time this year. I did not have one issue. All the help from forum members and some money and elbow grease paid off! I didn't even charge the battery! Fired right up on gas and switched over to diesel very nicely. Left clutch hangs for a little while but came free soon and worked well!

Cheryl took some pictures as I attempted to move a pile of ditch dirt from one spot to a lot spot in front of the sugarhouse where we used to have a garden. Also our Great grandson Rhett got his first ride in the TD6 as I haulled a load of dirt back to the woods. Rhett is 2 and he loves tractors. When I set him into the TD6 the first words were " wheres the wheel?" He had never been one one of Papa's tractors without a steering wheel.

He loved the ride, and started reaching for the controls as he got used to the tractor.

Hope things are good in RED land! I will try to get some pictures posted soon.

I still have the lights to restore and get functioning. We have a local show in mid July that has International as the feature tractor so I may try to take the TD6 and the Cub Cadet train too.



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Chris:  Try Evaporust.  Much easier than electrolysis.  It will take off all of the rust but leave the original paint.  It also does not destroy non ferrous metals if you have a mixed metal part.  Electrolysis is good if you want it completely down to bare metal.  Rawleigh

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Thanks!  I may have to add Evporust to the tools in the tool box.

I have the TD6 moved up buy the garage. (In position to do some repairs) But The house projects are keeping me from doing much. We have been having a lot of rain too. The garden has water standing in it from heavy rains the last two nights.




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yep another rain storm tonight too!  Getting tough to get a couple dry days to mow yards. Let alone for farmers to try to work fields or make hay.

Hope things are good! I will try to get some pictures loaded!



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 Ok finally got a break to down load resize and upload to photobucket and post here: pictures of the well worn TD6 doing some work.

I had two truck loads of dirt from when the township put in new drive way pipes. It was too wet to dump it where I wanted so It set there for a while. I asked my neighbor to come over and move it with his skid steer. Well he is very busy. Couple weeks ago he asked me why I hadn't moved it with the TD6? DUH!! I forgot I could move dirt! So here are the shots.

This is grandson Rhett and I. His first ride in a TD6!


He was a little miffed that he did not get to help. Just too much going on in there to have him help.


Of course he got in on the action the best he could in the sand box.


Maggie was supervising, Cheryl (wife) was doing the camera duties


Had to move the pile from one side of the drive to a low spot in front of the sugarhouse. About 50 yards.










All systems worked good. Yep track adjusters really need fixed. But I did not run a track off yet!




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Ok guys I need help on the TD6. While doing some work at the sides of the driveway, the hydraulics just quit working.

 I backed the tractor over near the garage so I can work on it. I did take some pictures of the pump, (just need to get them loaded). This tractor has a front mounted hydraulic pump. driven off the engine crankshaft. I checked the oil level and its about 4 inches from the top of the tank, so I think that's OK. I can see the coupling on the front of the crankshaft is turning, but cant see if the pump is turning. I spoke with a neighbor and he suggested that it my have broken or sheared a key in the engine to pump coupling? Any suggestions?

I have the dirt and grease off most of the connections. Looks like I will need to disconnect the two hoses, and then remove the pump from the tractor?

The tag on the front of the pump is not in good shape. Cant read the numbers.




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You need to pull the pump, have a five gallon pail under the pump for when you drain the oil. I don't know how the front pto is on the early TD-6's, on the later ones (62 series) the pump is run by a short splined coupler, when the splines wear out the pump does not turn. There are two zerk fittings on the splined coupler, lack of greasing is the reason for the splines to wear.

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I believe you are right on the money. I pulled the pump. It was not a pretty event!  The fittings on the rubber hoses that were supposed to swivel were not going to swivel! So I used brute force and awkwardness to get it off. Plus a cut off wheel on a grinder. Will have to fix things later! The splined shaft of the pump looked pretty good. There was a inside bushing that the pump shaft entered. It was VERY Very loose. It almost fell out. I grabbed it with a pair of vise grips and with very little effort it slipped out. It is a brass barrel shaped coupling with female splines for the pump on the inside and external spilnes on the O.D. to engage the i.d. of the driver coming from the engine.

I believe this brass unit is worn out. And is too loose to drive the pump? Also I may have a pump problem? It spins but not real easy? Not sure if I should have that looked at or not?

The pipes coming off the sides of this pump look to be black pipe? Low pressure? ( I have a couple to replace):)

I will try to take and load some more pictures.

Yes I gathered as much of the oil as possible as it exited the cut pipes.

Anyone know if these splined brass parts are still available? I would like to get dimensions to see how bad mine is worn.

Thanks for the help!

Also, I did not see any zerks but there was old grease around the exterior of the exterior driver.

Any idea how this coupler is attached to the crank shaft? looks like the whole front would have to come off to get to it?? Hoping the bushing is the only thing that needs replaced!




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I have a couple emails out to folks that might still have old parts. But any one with suggestions on this front coupler is welcome to jump in. May try getting some of the pipe fittings apart this morning. Can I use black pipe or waterpipe for replacement?

I know my uncle Jack had this Hyd. pump off at one time because he tourched the grill guard to have a large opening allowing somewhat easier removal.



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Ok some pictures of the pump and coupling.

Uncle had cut grill guard for me. Probably in 1960?:)



The front hydraulic pump


Controls /valve body in rear.


I am assuming that the pump may be the same brand?



Front tag is still there, Grill has one bar missing and 3 others cut and moved for some reason?


Brass coupler basically fell out. I think this is the part I need to find/make?? I think the exterior splines are worn down, so far they wont drive?


Has stops on one end for the pump shaft.







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Do you have a parts books for the tractor? Look up front PTO. The picture here is for the 6 cylinder TD6-62 series, its to give you an idea how the front PTO is attached, yours may be different, Item 7 (Coupling) is steel on my tractors, it attaches to the drive of the pump.  I have never seen it in brass. You can check with some of the wrecking yards (FP Smith in Fairfield, CA would be a good one) You may have to have a machine shop make the couplers for you. Parts books are good sources in that you can see the sequence of assembly. Hydreco pumps are what were offered from IH, they are good pumps, have a hydraulic pump shop check it over, they are worth fixing. The pumps are hard to turn by hand.

IH TD6 62 front pto.jpg

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Thanks very much for the information. I see Hydreco is still in business. I may call them. That should be good for a couple laughs!:)

 Hey I was wrong the item 7 in your picture, is steel in my unit also. I am pretty sure I could get one wire EDM'ed if I can't buy one.  I do have a parts book. and will have to look closer to see if it has that info.

The pump may be ok then? I was going to pull it apart but may wait to get the coupler first. The inside of the exterior is worn bad in the middle but I think a longer new spline would drive it for a long time.



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 Well I could not find a good local number for Hydreco. So I went to plan B. I sketched the design for the new steel coupler and sent it off to a friend with a tool shop. He has wire EDM capabilities and this should be perfect for that. Also got the Hydraulic pump cleaned up a little, It was caked with 40 years of grease and dirt. Also rinsed the inside out and spun it a few time and the gears look pretty good. I really don't think there is a problem with the pump. BUT just in case there is I have modified the plumbing connections to allow for easier access and removal of the said pump. Added unions on each side and new pipe to the hose connections. It was about $25 and made this seem like it may work better.

The new coupling design will have full length outside splines to span the worn out area in the center of the driver. I know its not going to have the misalignment features of the original barrel shaped one. But if it goes bad again in 65 years, the great grandson will have to fix it:)!

Thanks guys for the support, Especially Louie! I looked in my parts book and it did not have the same picture he posted. It had a different drive system shown.

 Hey I also found the grease fitting on the engine side of the driver and pumped the area full of grease!

Here are some pictures.

Old coupler on the pump:



pump shaft:


grease zerk is in there somewhere, not easy to get to . Had to jog the engine over to get lined up.


Tractor driver internal spline:


New street ell's and half of the unions, thghtened these on the hoses.


Pump with short nipple each side and other half of union.



That's it till I get the new coupler made. Well I may try to straighten out all the bent guarding. 1/4 steel will need some torch heating and gently persuasion With several large tools!

Tomorrow I am off to help stain a building at the local tractor show grounds and also to help harvest a field of barley with a antique binder.  I may take the camera for that project.

Hope things are good in Red land!




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The grease zerk in the photo, to the right of the fan belt is not the one for the pump drive. The zerk in the photo is to grease the front motor mount, believe it or not. that motor mount just slides over the front cover and the motor can move and twist inside of it, thus the need for grease. The zerks for the drive coupling will be in the shaft itself, about an inch ahead of the lower crank pulley and should be two of them, 180 degrees apart. Greasing either one will do the job as they only thread into a hollow tube. I bet yours are gone, and the holes full of dirt.



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Thanks! That was not a good photo. I did locate the zerk in the tube and it took grease as it should. Sounds to me like you know a little bit about these old TD machines!

The new drive coupling is being machined (wire EDMed) today and with any luck I should have it tomorrow.

Going to try to clean up that bent guarding today.

I just ordered a new porta power from Northern tool. I blew out the plastic seal in the old jaws of life.  So I will have a bunch of extra stuff if it matches up with the old portapower unit.



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Had a chance to look at the TD6 front guard a little more and I think it may have to come off, before I put the hydraulic pump back on. It is all loosey goosey. The bolts are all loose and I have cut off the right brace. The left brace has been repaired many times in its life and could uses refurbished. The guard is currently resting on the top of the head light. Not a good thing for the light. Seems that one thing leads to another. Not sure if the grill guard will come off with the bucket in the down position?

May try a cherry picker for lifting and try to get the bolts out which are behind the tracks on the lower frame.

The new coupler for the pump is done, so Rhett and I will take a trip to pick that up today.



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 New coupling looked awesome! It needed some gently filing, along with the inside of the driver. The coupling fit the pump spline very nice. Should go together easily.

Tonight I pulled the front grill guard weldment. Torch and cut off wheel were the tools of choice. Using a cutting torch under the belly of one one these, is a great experience!:)

I found that the rear grill guard supports are also bolted to the solid cross sturcture. So I need to decide If i need to take those off? All the bolts are loose.

Debating putting this guard back on? I really don't plan on loading rocks. Ok maybe it could happen!:) I will take a look at the work needed to rebuild and reinstall it.

The headlight it had been resting on was damaged in one area. So that will need to be repaired too.

The tractor grill has some lower bars missing. Any good grills out there for sale?  I will try to post some pictures tomorrow.

I ran a tap in the fours holes that hold the pump.

The saga of a old IH machine continues.:)



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 Less talk more TD6 ATECO Loader photos!

New coupler for hydraulic pump to crank spline driver. I think this is going to work good!:




in the tractor:


Moved to taking the grill guard off:



flat head type bolts along the frame:



cut diagonal brace ( which had been welded many times):




under the tractor


ref material


torch and a 10lb hammer will fix about any thing. off comes the guard:


probably weighs 100 to 150 lb.:




attachment holes along the bottom of the frame





A different look without the helmet:





Grill work needed if I want to get into that too!



Wasn't the objective to just fix the pump so I could finish the aprons on the sides of the driveway!!:)





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I really like your field crane:)

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I did get started on the grill repairs. I will post some pictures tomorrow. Went better than I expected. More to finish and weld. It was a mess with bent and missing bars in the grill sheet metal. Not sure what damaged the grill? Especially when it should have been protected behind that heavy guard? When I got it off I power washed the rad. Had a lot of dirt packed in the bottom of the rad.



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We have rain again today, I believe Cheryl said this was the rainiest June on record in our neck of the woods.

So here are some shots of the grill work. For some reason I have a problem with grills and headlights!:)

The emblem was even bent up a little. Not sure if I can gently bead last this? How do most folks restore them? If I remember they are pretty hard to find. So I am going to try to make this one presentable again. I gently straightened it and will need to do some more work to get the dings out.




This is what the lower portion of the grill looked like. I was really skeptical if I could do any thing with it! The small bars were broken off on one end and twisted badly too.


Second bar from bottom was missing:


TD6 without the grill:


Look from the inside. There is a 1/4 inch hardware cloth to keep the small chunks out. But There was still small stones wedged in between the screen and grill! Gently pried up the tabs to remove the hardware cloth.





Some of the tabs are rusted away on the bottom where it was full of dirt for years:


OK send it to the body shop:


The tools were a 8 inch piece of railroad iron, a 3/8 drive extension, ball peen, 3/4 inch steel tube and some 1x1 x6 bar stock. Here shows as I moved down the grill. almost all the bars were bent inward to some degree.


No magic here, just a couple hours in the sun:


Will need to get the MIG welder out to re attach these bars:


Straighten method:



Much better! We might be able to save this one!





This is the replacement small bar that I whittled out of some .065 thick material I had laying around. Its not perfect shape but may work.



Hope I haven't bored folks with the pictures. Or maybe too many pictures? I like to take and share a lot of pictures of projects. I know the pictures from Tanker and Stageone and others have inspired me to do a little bit on the TD6 this year!








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Chris, you are doing a good job, it's looking very good. Little by little you will have that machine looking like a trailer queen. Put the grill guard back on it, some day you will be glad you did, while you are working on the grill guard build a box to protect the hydraulic pump.

We love pictures

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