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Making a Cyclo Bean Planter

66 Series Farmer

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Looking for advice/info on making an 8 row narrow row soybean planter out of an old Cyclo planter. I like narrower row soybeans and have looked at 3 pt Deere planters slid in and they are just too expensive. I was thinking about taking a 4 row wide or 6 row narrow planter and adding 4 or 2 row units to them to max out the 8 row drum. I don't farm much so the smaller unit isn't an issue, I'd be looking a different options if i farms more than a couple hundred acres.

I was thinking about removing all row units from the main bar (leaving the pick up wheels) and moving back 2 to 3 feet and then mounting them on a complete separate bar that would be welded parallel to the main frame bar. This way i could space them evenly with out anything in the way expect the support bars going forward. My questions are:

How close can you space the case row units and still get the gauge wheels off? (I don't want to have to add extensions to every other row.)

Is a 4 row wide bar/planter going to be wide enough to mount 8 row units on it with the needed space in between?

From looking online and reading posts here i believe the 800 series had everything U bolted to the frame including the carrying wheels?

I don't have the equipment for fabrication so i'm trying to do this as simple as possible, hence why i'm looking at an 800 for the base, plus they are cheaper. Local welding shop would weld on the second frame bar.


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