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Had my nephew with me a couple years ago following my dad opening up a field. Went around a corner to the right and my dad put the silage right through the passengers window and covered my nephew in a car seat, couldn’t see him but a pile of silage. When I uncovered him he was all smiles, happy kid usually anyway... corn looks wet, grass looks nice

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Well crap.  Went to look how he was at 9.  He didn't make it.  Called vet....figured liver was taxed with that infection.  It grew fast vs yesterday.   Well the stress on liver then stress of getting

Merry Christmas to you guys too..... Me and the oldest are having a nice evening watching "I Love Lucy" on Amazon prime.  Her teacher plays a episode 2x a week during lunch break.  She just crack

I was 16 even when I left.  So it wt 15k even.  A load of heifers is 28 to 29000 so not way dif but def different.  On the plus it doesnt move around when your driving!  I will say I would not repeat

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