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Red Power Round Up Toys

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I was sitting down in my tractor man cave and looking at all my beautiful red tractors. I have made the RPRU 3 out of the last 4 years.

2010 was my first time in Indiana. It was the 20th Anniversary and the toy tractor was the W-400.

2011 I did not go because I was getting my daughter married off up in Canada.

2012 I attended the show in Illinois. It was the 23rd Anniversary and the toy was the 1206.

2013 I attended the show in Ohio. It was the 24th Anniversary and the toy was the Hydro 70.

I have all three tractors in their boxes next to each other. I also have a couple of paintings on the wall from an artist from last year and this year.

With that said and not insulting any of you because I know you know the above already, I became confused looking at the years and the anniversaries.

They don't match up starting with 2010.

2010 - 20th Anniv

2011 - 21st Anniv

2012 - 22nd Anniv

2013 - 23rd Anniv

But this is not what my paintings say nor my tractor boxes or my pins and buttons I have.

2012 is 23rd and 2013 is 24th.

What did I miss or what happened with the years and anniversaries matching up? Was there a double anniversary in 2011? I know it was a scale models tractor or something and that is why I didn't get.

Maybe I am losing my mind and thinking too deep on this. If someone could help me out here with what I am missing, I would appreciate it.


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I figured it out. Even though the 20th anniv on my W400 box was written is was actually the 21st annual RPRU.

20 years since it begun 1990 BUT 21st annual since they called 1990 the 1st annual.

That one box and comparing it to the other boxes screwed me up for a few days until I had a cold beer and my hand and applied common sense. Funny how that works.

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Now....what Red Power Roundup was the first to have a toy for the show and what toy was it????

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