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IH Torpedo Heaters


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Umm...just a guess but maybe Knipco? I know knipco has been around a very long time but I'm not so sure Reddy Heater and some others have.

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I would bet that it's made by Desa just like 99% of all the forced air heaters that were/are sold in the states (Knipco included).

I've ordered parts for Knipco, Co-op, John Deere, TSC, and a couple other brandnames from Allparts Equipment & Accessories, http://www.desaparts.com/ , and have had good luck with their service and parts.

If you pop the cover, I'll bet that you'll even find the same part numbers that Desa uses for pretty much everyone they made heaters for. If not, it's probably not a Desa heater...but maybe it's a knock off that can use some of the same parts.

Cross reference the BTU size of your heater to the Reddy or Knipco model number (divided by 1000) and you'll probably get the right size frame to cross parts to.

Here are the Knipco and Reddy low-pressure heater model/part number pages:



This is another site I use to cross-ref parts, but I have never ordered from them before. http://www.reddyparts.com/

Do you know what parts you need?

If it's been sitting a while, definitely get a filter kit for the pump and tank pickup...that pump filter gets clogged with carbon dust from the pump vanes and the heater will never burn right because the pump can't breathe.

Also when you get it going, you'll need a low-psi pressure gauge to set the pump's airflow to the nozzle. Too high and it'll burp & fart and blow raw fuel like crazy. Too low and they'll smoke (like a lean diesel engine) or just plain not light off becuase they aren't drawing enough fuel. You can do it by guesswork, but it's pretty tricky. Easier with a gauge.

Read the FAQ on the reddyparts.com site and it'll get you a good handle on the basics.

And for starters, drain all of the old fuel out of the tank and start with fresh stuff. Who knows how long it's been in there and how stale it is.

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I was thinking they were made by Koering for IH. Whoever built it, looks like that desa site gets you there.

Koehring (Knipco) got swallowed up by the Desa conglomerate quite a few years ago...mid to late 80s if I remember right...so yeah, they're one and the same.

Desa went bankrupt in 2008, and a lot of things got trimmed out. I don't think they're around anymore at all but I don't remember what happened after the bankruptcy as I wasn't running my repair shop full time anymore. I still do a few every winter on the side on my days off from work though so I still keep an assortment of parts on hand.

http://www.desatech.com/index.htm is another site that has pictures of what most of the common replacement parts look like plus a little more tech info. They used to have manuals too, but the heater page isn't loading right anymore.

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