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1250 Planter liquid fert parts

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Dad bought a 1250 planter this spring and it came with these parts. He asked me if they're worth anything and if there was a market for these parts. Dealership says they are not returnable. Anyone here have any insight on these? If not I'm sure we'll just use the hoses and whatever else we can and toss the rest.

6- 241019A1 Nozzle elbow assembly 3/4"

18-241017A1 Nozzle tee Assembly 3/4

Both of the above are new in sealed bags unopened-the parts picture is misleading as it shows a nozzle as #7, there is no nozzle but both the red and yellow caps are there.

24-242564A1 Kit orfice/fitting-3 orfices and a plastic barb fitting-in sealed unopened factory bags

12-hose hold down clamps-3/4' hose

24-Angle mounting brackets-about 6" long

96-1/2 & 3/4" stainless steel hose clamps

24-plastic couplers-1/4" female pipe thread with 3/8" push in hose clamp

1-roll clear plastic tubing-1/4" O.D.-aprox. 60'

1-roll black plastic tubing-3/8" O.D.-aprox. 100'

24-short lengths 3/4" clear plastic tubing-factory bundle #DQ931-456 3/4",S3046612

24-3/4" black rubber tubing-various lenths

1-Banjo 1-1/4" inlets and outlets with screen

4-1-1/2"MPT to 1" barb plastic fittings

12-1-1/2" stainless steel hose clamps

2-1"MPT to 3/4"barb plasting fittings

2-0-60psi pressure guages, 2-12" face, 1/4" MPT


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I don't think you should toss the rest if you do you know you'll need something .

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