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Brass IH Hood emblem/ornament

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Hi Folks,

A cousin of mine gave me a call last night and said he was cleaning out his basement and found a brass IH hood ornament/emblem that he took of an old IH truck back in the late 70's when he worked for an IH truck dealer. The truck that it came off was quite old at the time, and had been in an accident and was off to a wrecker after it was written off. Before it was taken away, he took the emblem off as he said it was solid brass and looked good. He doesn't remember what the model or the year was, as he only worked at the dealership for about 2 years before he went and opened a welding shop.

I don't have a picture of it and my cousin lives about a days drive away. I'll see him this summer while on holidays, so he said he would hang on to it and give it to me instead of throwing it away.

That model(s) and year(s) of IH truck would this have come from? It's supposed to be in excellent condition, so what would the value be to a restorer or collector?


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