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Kiwi Tussock

FRUSTRATION at getting back into this site when forgetting password

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What the blazers is users CP?

When I had a new password sent to me, it says I can change it to a password I might like to use by entering the area of "User CP". What the 'ell is CP? Where does one find "User CP"?

In the past, I have enjoyed using and contributing to this web site but I find it far from user friendly when it comes to a situation like I am in. I have to ask for a new password each time I wanna enter it.

I have even had to change my user name once because of the loss. The user name used to be Kiwi Will but had to change it as it wouldn't recognise me or it (that was a year or so ago) so I chose Kiwi Tussock.

I think I just cant be bothered with the whole set up any more.

I belong to several forums and the eBay like sites and I have never come across this sort of rubbish as I have here.

What's wrong with you yank web site designers? Do you think all this sort of security is REALLY needed? If so, then Im talking to a hole in the wall. Its almost like you need a password to get a cuppa coffee or to take a segment of dunny paper off a roll when your in having a cra.! I mean to say, have you lot been so brainwashed by the government that everybody is going to do you harm that all these precautions are needed?

Why do I think like this? Well, here in NZ, when we wanna board a plane to fly to another city in NZ we don't have our luggage checked, don't have glass panels between taxi driver and passenger etc etc. You must live such poor pathetic lives believing all that rubbish. Yes we do have crooks and people who try to take advantage of others but its pretty rare and our cops do a reasonable job of sorting that. (Our cops dont carry fire arms)

So you are The Land of the free, Land of the good etc, etc, Yeah right!

The Statue of Liberty was there for the Rights of the common man but you keep voting for bent sods who do you no good and deny you that freedom all the way down to the point of talking to others on a web site. Such a freedom ay.

Best wishes for those who open their eyes and look at the real cost of whats going on and to the rest of you lot, well, you just carry on carrying those shackles.


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Sorry to read of your difficulties. The User CP is referring to the User Control Panel. To access it, click on your username in the upper right of your screen. Then click My Settings. On the screen that comes up, in the left column you should see Email & Password, click on this, you should now have the option to change your password.

As for why the security of this site is needed, would you rather have the forums full of spammers advertising the little blue pills and the like?

BJ Kline


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