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Vintage Ads

clay neubauer

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Morris originated in Saskatchewan about 1929 and produced a lot of tillage and seeding equipment over the years. I hear they are in financial difficulty lately. Due to the poor farm economy no doubt. They were thriving at the time of this ad in the 1960s. 


Morris 60s ad.jpg

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Hay Blowers made loose haying much easier starting around the 1950s! There is a brochure of an early AEBI model

Image result for aebi-heugeblaese-a

Image result for aebi-heugeblaese-a

Technische Daten (technical data)

Modell HAG 500

for fresh hay in kg = 4 to 5 tonnes per hour

Model HAG 600 

for fresh hay in kg = 5 to 6.5 tonnes per hour

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BUCHER motomaeher (motomower) came out in 1934 it was for the single horse farmers or for farmers that used there cows as draft animals. To make it easier for the draft animal the sickle bar was powered by a single cylinder 2 hp gas engine

Image result for Bucher-motomaeher

Image result for Bucher-Industries-geschichte

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When the number series came out,  the “W” was left off for 3 months which caused issues at the dealerships.  Owners would call in & say I got a 400.  Which left part ordering a problem. Appears to same brochure,  the W was drawn back.  I have both real tractors in hedge row.



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