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Went to an auction on Saturday and picked up some good tid-bits.

A late 39' TD35 narrow tread, with factory 45 deg head configuration, single plunger pump conversion, and a winch. It's in pieces but a good find nonetheless. The sheet metal is pretty straight with the exception of the running boards. It has all the little nick-nacks I need for the single plunger conversion.

We also picked up 4 fuel tanks, one of them being the style for the factory 45 degree head (I never knew there was a difference until yesterday).

3 magnetos, and 3 single plunger pump mount brackets with pumps for the 35/40's



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You got to get them when you can find them. Looks like a 4 roller frame??? There are alot of good internal parts to be used in there. Probably doesn't have an original fuel bowl thats not broken. Good buy Andy. Jere

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