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560 project report


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Last report we were mostly all tore down, washing, repairing . Rear section completed sent to blaster,then to painter. engine home from machine shop needs lot of wire brush ,they hot tanked but sprayed with rattle can red all needs to come off before painter.



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Guest 1966IH504

That fresh red paint looks so good.

Sure enjoy seeing the progress. On the 560 I bought, somebody took the belt pulley off and the TA lever with linkage.

I forgot to ask what size rear tires were on yours when you bought it. Are you going to use the tires that were on it?

Mine had Firestone 15.5-38's and are trash.. Trying to find some decent used ones for now.

The dash and sheet metal on those 560's sure stand out.

thanks for sharing.

I too would like to get some input on paint info as well as any techniques. Your paint jobs always look so nice. Hope mine turns out as good as yours

thanks for sharing

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