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Anti-cavitation valve

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I have a 3141 backhoe on a 3616 loader that drifts down excessively on the lift cylinder. The schematic I have doesn’t show a circuit relief valve but rather an anti-cavitation valve. I suspect this also functions as a circuit relief valve but what I need is an explanation of what an anti-cavitation valve does for this circuit.

I know that an anti-cavitation valve is supposed to make up for necessary fluid, I think, when the boom is dropped fast, but there is a restrictor in the line that I thought would prevent it from dropping too fast.

The stabilizers drift down as well but the schematic, I haven't looked at the actual valves yet, shows no circuit relief - it just depends on the system relief.

I haven't dug into it yet, just an armchair exercise so far. I did reseal the bucket cylinder, and, aside from a rolled O ring, it looked good. I have no reason to suspect the other cylinders to be in any other condition.

An education would be appreciated. Thanks.

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