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1863 Questions ?


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I just bought a 1863 w/54 inch deck and have a few questions .

1. How do you tell what year it is ? date tag is in code :angry:

2. What do I use for hyd/trans fluid ? dealer "thinks" Hytran would work :rolleyes:

3. When starting you really have to hold your tongue right & click key back/forth several times to engage starter . <_<

4. Can I change hyd/trans filter with out losing too much fluid ?

Thanks in advance B)

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1) If you post that date "code", one of us will tell you the date of manufacture.

2) HyTrans is the correct OEM fluid.

3) Sounds like a bad ground and some bad connections. Clean all connections and check, check, double check the ground contacts.

4) Yep, if you lift the front of the tractor so the fluid drains to the rear of the differential sump.

Myron B

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Thanks for the reply Myron .

1. Date code is : DO64G2 w/serial #000860219

2. Figured it was Hytran but amazed book just list part# and dealer was unsure <_< .

3. Sorry I didn't state before but I have checked/cleaned connections . Funny it made it off the lot with no trouble .

4. I'll try the uphill method .

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Your 1863 Info Sez:

Mfr Code = 144-664-100

Place of Mfr = Brownsville,TN

Assembly Line = #2

Date of Mfr = 06 April, 1994

I still suspect a you may have a ground problem (it's a notorious Cub Cadet problem inherited fromn IH)

Myron B


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