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IH construction equipment serial numbers & engine xrefs

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This thread contains IH construction equipment serial number lists and engine cross reference information. Excellent info for ascertaining the year of manufacture of your crawler tractor and the engine it uses, not to mention the other machines that use the same engine.

Brilliant stuff, excellent information, all in the one place!

Thanks to all who have contributed this list!

Regards from M.H.

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Two thumbs up & an extra slice of raisin pie to Magic Mikey for putting up these numbers. My one finger would be worn to a nub after all that typing

The complete document is in Microsoft Works spreadsheet format (the cheapo version of Excell) If anyone would like a copy of the complete document to play with, fill in the blanks, correct, or what ever, send me a PM or email with your email & I'll send you a copy.



I have an almost complete serial number list for the British crawlers (BTD-6 to BTD-20)

I am not going to attempt to put it all here.

If anyone needs a serial number list for a specific model please send me a PM

Regards from Michael Halsall

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MY TD8E serial #4420016U083034. It is said to be a 1981. Am I mistaking an "A" for the last "4" that I recorded. I have seen that the numbers for the TD8E get shuffled in 1981, and several lists I have found leave the year blank, said to be due to a switch in sequence. That year was the start of some design changes. I have the long transmission and IH 239 turbo engine.

Is mine a 1981..........??

Thanks for the effort to compile this......it sure makes cruising auctions and listings easier.

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Rockpile, welcome to the forum, You may already know this..... Your serial number is known as a kind & code identification number, IH started using these in the early 70's.

442 is your machine kind, this identifies it as a TD8. 0016 is the Variation code, I have never found a list breaking down the various codes, but I suspect the variation code would be different between a C series & an E series. Next is the country of origin ( where the machine was built) U=USA, C=CANADA, A=AUSTRALIA & so on. The remaining numbers are the serial sequence number 083034.

Something is not right with that #, it is too large. At first glance I would have said the 8 was actually a 0, but 3034 does not fit into the sequence for a TD8E as the serial #'s started at 5001. Is it possible your # is 008034??. My book goes to 1996 & the H series & none of the serial #'s are as high as yours.

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Casting letters, Kind & Code #s

Priceless information!

The casting codes for 1931 to 1958 are regularly available on "antique" tractor websites.

The later codes from 1959 to 1985 are very hard to find.

Thanks for sharing!

Don't forget the "casting code" notes the date the date that particular assembly was made at foundry: the completed tractor left the factory at a later date. It is very common to find mixed casting codes on the one tractor.

I recently saw on old industrial tractor with the engine block made three months after the transmission case.

Regards from Michael H.

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Hey guys, I just uncovered one of the dozers I have to check the serial numbers today. I wasn't even sure if the machine had a badge, and I was very pleased to find it did, thanks to you guys I know where to look for these things. I am trying to find out if the main track drive wheel on all td9 is the same. I have another dozer that is for parts and the drive wheel on it is in better shape than one of the ones on another dozer. They look the same but I have not removed them yet to compare. Can you tell me if they are all the same.

I know now that I have a 1950 td9, a 1957 td9 91 series, and a unknown parts dozer. I really appreciate all you guys and the information you can freely give.

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Thanks to all who contributed to the filing of this information----------I just discovered that my presumed to be "1945 model" TD-14 is actually a 1943 production model.

Uhhhh-----I've been thinking this for all my life-----------turns out me and the old TD-14 are the same age. Live and learn!!!!


Delta Dirt

Avon, Ms 38723

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As I get older, I to find that lots of things are not really exactly what I thought they were. :rolleyes:

Harold H

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