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My only reference is Bermuda Ken's original model & S/N book from a few years ago. According to it, chassis letter codes are:

D = 5000 ft altitude

G = cotton picker attachment (High drum) :huh:

S = T/A with provision for 540RPM IPTO

Sounds like a strange combo to me, but I'm just telling you what the book says.

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Couldn't take my word for it, huh..?? :rolleyes:

In this case, I don't mind saying, "I told you so..."! :P:D:lol:


Well no , I did believe you but I kinda wondered more about what these codes meant (I didn't word it very good :blush: ).

My main wonder was about the cotton picker code . What does it mean ? What did it change from a normal tractor ?

It's also a LPG tractor now so I'm assuming the 5,000 alt. package wouldn't hurt .

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