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Little Genius trip lift mechanism

Matt Kirsch

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As you may recall, I'm working on getting my uncle's old #8 Little Genius back into fighting form.

The rim issue is all resolved. Ended up replacing the tailwheel rim and the land wheel rim by cutting centers and welding them into salvaged rims.

Anyway, my big concern at this stage is the trip lift mechanism.

What are the odds that it's going to work? The plow has probably been sitting outside for 15 years, and the trip lever is siezed. Once I free that up, does it stand a snowball's chance of working?

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Yep, I would agree, too, that these lifting mechanisms always seemed to work. Like M said, if no rust then it will likely work. And the spring is about the only thing that might break but it is easily replaceable. I would disassemble the lift and clean it up as best you can and reapply grease to the obvious wear places.

Another thing to look out for is cracks in the outer bell or missing peices. Repair welds could spell trouble too. But if it looks whole and not repaired you should be in good shape.

Good luck and you know you are "required" to post pictures when its done, right? Everybody likes pictures.


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It's all been said. A very simple mechanism.

Yes its all been said but I have to put my two cents in because I love these things. lol

In my opinion they are bulletproof.

I cant wait till this semester of college gets out because Im FINALLY gonna restore my plow.

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