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Serviceman's Field Reference

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Serviceman's Field Reference - International Diesel Engine and Fuel Injection System

ISS 10??-8 (it's scratchy). There are 88 pages plus front and rear covers.

Provides information inspection, adjustment, and test on IH injection pumps prior to A, A, and B. Also has some info for the TD35/TD40 pumps as well, although not a full breakdown for them.

This book is oriented towards servicing the pump while on the engine, with all wording cut down to it's simplest form. For example it provides specs and procedures hard to find elsewhere, like how to test distributor valves and plunger forward and reverse valves by using the injector bleed ports. There is a lot of great stuff in there.

To be compatible with this web site and the 512K size limit, all pics have been scanned at 200 dpi gray scale with a fixed size of 1677 by 2170 pixels and stored in JPG format to reduce fie size. Roughly 20 files have been reprocessed to reduce their quality to get their size to under 512K. None have been trimmed or edited yet.

The scans are a bit light, but if I made them darker, the pictures turned too dark real quick.

Pages are posted 1 page at a time due to the file size.

All should be readable at the posted size, avoiding the need to send out scans.

Any problems, let me know so it can be fixed.


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