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LOLATC Tractor Show

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The Land of Legend Antique Tractor Club (Licking County, Ohio) held its first day of a two-day annual show at the local Infirmary Mound Park. Although it was very muggy and spitting very sparse, intermittent drizzle, this year's weather was a far cry from last year's downpours and low 50s temperature. We had about 50 tractors show up for display and pulling today.

A pair of ACs: an IB in the foreground and an ED-40 behind it. The paint job on the ED is something else to behold.


This is a Hefty F and I know nothing about them.


A gorgeous Oliver 660. I've never seen one before, and this one's a beaut! If I wasn't a red guy, I could become an Oliver guy mighty easily. They're pretty cool.


An Oliver 66 Industrial. I ran this three years ago at the Fair doing shuttle work. It's a cute little bugger, but boy is the operator's platform cramped!


This little T-20 was the first thing that grabbed my attention when I arrived at the show.


A pic of an IH stationary engine and the Club Farmall A raffle tractor. This is the first time I've seen the A in natural lighting and it looks very good. Anyone can buy tickets on this (hint, hint).


I thought this little Avery was pretty cool.


A nice Moline U.


Time to start playing! A Super H has a go on the Club's drag sled with a John Deere B added for dead weight. :D


There was a tug pull competition going on, too. This 460 LPG is far, far from stock and sounds baaaad to the bone with its straight stack and 4000 RPM capability. Wonder how long that puny 460 drive train will hold up?


Even the T-20 got into the drag sled action. Cousin Fred has added his H for resistance in this pic, but it didn't faze that T-20 a lick! That thing idled down the track with this load.


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Thanks for sharing pics. Might run off with some of them :D You mentioned Olivers. Saw a really nice 1900 and a 80 I think they were a few days back at a show

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I found out more about that Hefty F today. They were built by the Hefty Tractor Company of Juneau, Wisconsin, a division of the Holton Axle and Transmission Company.

It was equipped with a Continental R 4-cyl OHV engine of 27HP @ 3300 RPM. The F had a six speed gearbox, 3-point hitch with up and down power and caliper-type disc brakes. They were built to compete with Ford 8Ns and Allis Gs, but foreign competition and Hefty trying to build everything in-house led them to reduce production and eventually bankrupcy ensued.

I don't have a year time-line on these events.

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Thanks for the view!



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