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List of Serial Numbers being kept track of

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For Reaper. 1206 in Lynden Wa


I am fascinated why the "D" suffix was added to the model number . All 1206 tractors were Diesels!

Usually those letter suffixes represent an option.

Regards from Michael H.

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On 12/23/2009 at 9:31 PM, 4366puller966 said:

I do all the gold demo numbers ...

here is the info i ask


Serial #

Owners first and last name

City and state

any special options or remarks

all info is confidential and will not be posted until i have owners authority due to rarity.

Thanks guys!


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On 28/12/2009 at 10:35 AM, mike_newman said:

...any one doing 886 registery... or is that such a 'common ' tractor that is too early to be bothered with...



Will you be collecting numbers for Aussie built 886 & 886 B series tractors as well as US built 886 tractors?

The Aussie built ones were the ones we got here in Australia. To the best of my knowledge they had separate serial numbering to the US built ones.

Regards from Michael H.B)


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15 hours ago, rustred said:

i would say yes, do that because this one cant follow and i wont even put my #'s in it.

that's why you can also pm us your numbers, especially for those who don't want every tom dick and harry knowing what they have..

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On 7/28/2012 at 10:42 PM, Trapper-Randy37 said:

Maybe I missed it but is anyone tracking regular H?


A number of years ago I gave my H serial and info to someone. Can't remember who?

I see no H's are on the list.

Is anyone doing them?

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On ‎9‎/‎6‎/‎2019 at 4:41 PM, joshjohndeere said:

i have been trying to get ahold of 1256IHMAN to ask about serial numbers on 1256's and he has not replied is there a better way to get ahold of him?


I just saw ur message last night, sorry I am not on here much these days, without a serial number I'm afraid I wont be much help, I can look through my list to see if there's anything from that area that stands out. Best of luck to ya


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On 7/30/2019 at 11:54 PM, Diesel Doctor said:

A number of years ago I gave my H serial and info to someone. Can't remember who?

I see no H's are on the list.

Is anyone doing them?

I think some-one should keep of Farmall H serial numbers. The Farmall H was exported to many countries. The a list on the YT Magazine Tractor Registry with quite a list of Farmall H serial numbers, as the Farmall H was a very popular tractor in its day!

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On 12/23/2009 at 6:51 PM, oakvalleyacres said:

This is a list of the individuals on this board who are keeping track of serial numbers.

First off, PLEASE don't list any serial numbers in this tread! If you have a Serial Number for someone, contact them using the information listed, so this one can stay organized.

If you have a serial number for someone, have the following information;

1. Model number of tractor/crawler

2. Farmall or International (row crop or wheatland)

3. Serial Number

4. Basic info (ie, gas or diesel, gear or hydro drive ect)

5. Special or rare options (ie, factory front wheel assist, demonstrator, High-Crop ect)

6. Owners first and last name (or the name of the dealer or salvage yard who has it)

7. City and state where the tractor is located

8. A price (if for sale)

To contact someone, simply click on the name by the model number. That will take you to that persons Member Profile Page, where you can send them a P.M. Or you can post new topic on one of the boards. Or you can send them an email, if they have one listed (You will have to change the "at" to @ to get it to go through, trying to keep the scammers and spamers at bay!)

Without any further ado, here is the list!

All Australian built models- Rusty's Daughter (sagallow"at"yahoo.com.au)

Gold Demos- 4366puller966

Pre 39 (all model tractors and crawlers)- Old-F20 (suprchkn996"at"iowatelecom.net)

12 and 14 series I, O, W and Fairway tractors including P power units- IH2150Red (ih2150red“at”aol.com)

Cub- mmi

T & TD 6 & 9- mmi

O-4, OS-4, I-4, O-6 ihredo4

OS-6, ODS-6, and I-6 ihredo4

Super A, AV, and Super A-1's- Super A

Super H- Pat H (superh"at"dishmail.net)

SMTA and SMTAD- Red Lightning

1XX- mmi

2XX- mmi

3XX- mmi

4XX- mmi

W-400 and W-450 ihredo4

664- 664 CDN




504- Farmall504

806- 1967806

1206- red reaper (mgall"at"cvalley.net)

856- Super A

1256- 1256IHman

1456- FarmallTom (farmalltom"at"yahoo.com)

766- cougar766 (cougar766"at"yahoo.com)

1066- 414 farmer (blaine.besser"at"msn.com)

1466- IH1466 (moe52_98"at"hotmail.com)

1468- FarmallTom (farmalltom"at"yahoo.com)

1566- 1566 puller (lino"at"ecenet.com)

1568- FarmallTom (farmalltom"at"yahoo.com)

3488 IHC5488

3688- JandM966 (royal_michelle"at"yahoo.com)

5288- TheIHMan (ihman5288"at"yahoo.com)

5488- IH1466 (moe52_98"at"hotmail.com)

7288- Old Max (max_favourite"at"yahoo.com)

7488- Old Max (max_favourite"at"yahoo.com)

30 & 60 Series 2+2 FarmerDoug

If you have something to add to the list, or would like to start a list of your own, PM myself, or FarmallFan to have a change made to this page.



Last updated 8-5-12

Any chance we can update the list here? Just curious about a couple models and I'm having a hard time following this. I'm sure it's a tough task please dont take me asking the wrong way. Respectfully Dave Dunn

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