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List of Serial Numbers being kept track of


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1206 s#8738

1206 s#12018

1203 s#14849

all three of these tractors are at ( smithtireandrepair.com ) one is running ,one engine locked up, one well not much left. check out the web site for more info


You might want to send red_reaper a personal message so he sees these.

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Since there have been no other offers as stated I will take the


wacko.gifwacko.gif cub


I have been collecting Cub numbers in a database over on the "Cub Forum", but want to branch out to some of the other Forums to reach a wider audience. If you don't mind, I'd like to put out a call here on RP for any information that is Cub related.

You can see a current version of the database by clicking the links in my signature line. Any of the information would be great, especially the SN, Eng SN and Eng cast code and PN.

As you can see in the link, there are no personally identifiable data within the file, and I don't identify the owners or locations to anyone, in any way.

I'm collecting information on the Farmall/International Cub, the International Cub LoBoy, the International 154, 185, 184's, and also on any version/adaptation do the C-60 power units.

If you would like to participate, you can message me here on Red Power, or email me at "ohyeah76(at)yahoo.com".



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Lots of IH's on the N.I.T.E. (Northern Illinois Tractor Equipment) tractor auction in October. Here's a quick list....

I-1206.....sn# 7561 I-806......sn# 4603 & 6620 I-14656......sn# 10034 I-1256....sn# 7775

Also listed is a F-1066 with 920 original hours on the tach.

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This is a list of the individuals on this board who are keeping track of serial numbers.

First off, PLEASE don't list any serial numbers in this tread! If you have a Serial Number for someone, contact them using the information listed, so this one can stay organized.

If you have a serial number for someone, have the following information;

1. Model number of tractor/crawler

2. Farmall or International (row crop or wheatland)

3. Serial Number

4. Basic info (ie, gas or diesel, gear or hydro drive ect)

5. Special or rare options (ie, factory front wheel assist, demonstrator, High-Crop ect)

6. Owners first and last name (or the name of the dealer or salvage yard who has it)

7. City and state where the tractor is located

8. A price (if for sale)

To contact someone, simply click on the name by the model number. That will take you to that persons Member Profile Page, where you can send them a P.M. Or you can post new topic on one of the boards.

If you have something to add to the list, or would like to start a list of your own, PM myself, or FarmallFan to have a change made to this page.


Perhaps some-one should start a list for the British built tractors, particularly the Utilities.

McCormick International B-250, B-275, B-414, 434 etc. which were sold world-wide.

If some-one has a British built utility tractor, particularly if they are in Britain, DON'T publish serial numbers here.

The Ministry of Transport, in Britain, and various insurance companies don't like serial numbers being made public.

The situation is the US, where tractors weren't general road registered, it should be O.K. to list serial numbers.

Regards from Michael H. in Australia

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Guys, Being New here So someone Please tell me Who is the Keeper of 656 s & 966 s ?


John A.



My Ph. # is on my Bio or email is OK too!

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Does anyone do 3414,454,574,464

An interesting list of models - you might as well add the 674 to this list.

The 3414 and the 464 were apparently only built at Louisville Works and were North American models.

The 454,574 and 674 were built at both Louisville (USA) & Doncaster (UK) so you list could be truly world-wide!


Apparently some British built 454 Diesel tractors were imported into Canada.

I know of a British built 454 Diesel owned by an Australian IH enthusiast too.

Regards from Michael H. in Australia

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