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Cub Cadet 105/782

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I put some pics of our 782 on a while ago but the 105 was in the barn so I didnt get them. I finally had a nice day off so I pulled it out and took some shots of it. I love the little 105. I like it WAY better than the 782, the 782 is more comfortable and easier to use but I dont care the 105 has class. The hood broke so we had to weld it up so that is the bare metal spots on it. I am gonna restore them both some day. The back of the 105 has an attachment for a mounted rototiller.











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Hey, Neat tractors.

Really like that 105 in her work clothes and those neat tractor tread rear tires.I prefer the cleated tires but they were narrow cleats compared to yours.

The 105 reminds me of a well used 1066 right before restoration.

782 great also as I think Cadets should have been red to start with. Don't get me wrong as I still like the yellow ones.

Thanks for posting the pictures and send more as you progress.


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Those little FIRESTONE 23-8.50 x 12's are a great tire on a working CC. I finally got a set for my #72 CC about 8-9 yrs ago after wanting a set for nearly forty yrs!

There's several of Us over @ IHCC.COM looking for them. When I got my pair just before CC Plow Day #1 there was only ONE tire left in the whole country after I took my pair. Firestone made ONE more batch and they're all gone now and rumor has it they may or maybe won't make a batch this fall/winter. I hope they do make them, I'll Buy them ALL!

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