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JD 8110 CaseIH 7210 JD 4020

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I made it to the NFMS Thursday and walked around the show all day and then made it to my seat for the pull and the first class up was the 9300lb hot farm class and there was some pretty tough pullers on that track and the first puller was a John Deere 8110 and he took first place and second place went to a CaseIH 7210 out of Nebraska and third went green to a 4020 so after that class I decided I didnt want to listen to the screamin engines of those two wheel drive pulling trucks so I headed on home and after the trucks they were going to pull the 8000lb alcohol tractors but I beat the traffic and took it home. I didnt run across any forum members around the CaseIH area even though I wasnt there for the 3:30 get together but CaseIH did have a good setup this year with a 7088 combine and a red white and blue Magnum 180 and they had one heck of a planter, biggest planter Ive seen from CaseIH even Deere had one that looked to be thirty or forty yards long. Agco Allis had a very nice area also as did Caterpillar. Seen every nationality from Japanese to Europeans and there was a European pulling a alcohol tractor also, I think he was from the Netherlands. Went into Broadbent arena and seen all the bigtime superstock pullers and prostock pullers, Edson Lehns tractor was there and he won Wednesdays pull I think and Tim Cains Red Gambler was in there and bout every IH puller you could think of had there tractors lined up in there, got to go out in the parking area and look at all there nice high dollar trucks and trailers, them guys got some money in those rigs. Here is some pics from the pull, hope ya like them


this is the Magnum from Nebraska that took second place in the 9300lb hot farm class

Got alot of other pics but cant seem to get them uploaded at the present time but I had two front row tickets and the fellow who was going to go with me couldnt make it so I sold the ticket to a fellow from Nebraska and we got to talking during the pull and he farms 3000 acres in the southeast corner of Nebraska close to the Kansas border and he farms with John Deere and was a really nice guy. My tickets were one row behind the concrete barricade beside the track, perfect seats with a good view, almost to close to tell the truth. Like I said I left right after the hot farm class cause I just dont like being in that arena when those modified trucks pull, way to much noise for my old ears :wacko:

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