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Unusual use for an International Truck


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Howard...you would be right !!!!

I worked on an island , for three years....about 90 nautical miles from Cuba..(British Turks and Caicos Islands )...We took our barge and tug, to Cuba, to load concrete aggregate......after that the barge /tug unit was not allowed entry to port in the US....which , of course meant no more trips to Miami...or Fort Lauderdale.....An American friend took his small yacht to Cuba, from the island .....they were turned back at Fort Lauderdale, some weeks later.....Some American tourists would go to great lenghts to avoid the US Customs being aware of visits to Cuba...however, for brief visits , flying in from the Turks and Caicos Islands...Cuban Immigration would not stamp passports....thus ensuring no trace of that most heinous crime....visiting Cuba... :):)


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