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An SUV Pioneer That Left Before the Party Began


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That's a great article. It would be interesting to know what the Scout would look like now if IH/Navistar had been able to stay in the SUV business.

A friend of mine had a '78 Scout Traveler that he purchased new. He had it completely reskinned twice, the first time at IH's expense. He sold the Scout after it was reskinned the first time; he missed it so much that a year later he found it and bought it back. He had it reskinned again sometime later. It had almost 180,000 miles on the clock when he finally parted with it - the frame had rusted in two, and the body shop said it wasn't worth fixing. Even then, his wife still didn't want to get rid of it. B)

If Howard's link gives you a login page(like it did for me), here's a link that will get you past the login and straight to the article -


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I'm going to arm myself with this article so when the 20 and 30 somethings that I work with shove the big "4's" superiority at me, I can shove this article right down their loudmouth throats. I just tell 'em their ignorance is my bliss. They need to open the history books.

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Only thing I'd hope International has learned is that the sheetmetal can NOT rust through in 3-4 years like their old pickups & Scouts did. My F-250 has suffered thru ELEVEN Wisconsin winters and 294,000 miles and yes, there's rust on the springs & spring hangers, etc. but the paint & body still look like new!

If IH does build a pickup I hope they keep the flip-forward hood & fenders like the 4200/4300/4400 medium duties.....Beats the HECK out of Ford having to pull the cab off their new trucks to do anythign serious to the engines.

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Good article.

As a kid I was driven around in just about all types of IH trucks. Longing for

the era I bought a 77' Scout SSII. They were ahead of their time. It's fun

to drive. Original top in photo.

Has anyone noticed the current Jeep's have similar dimensions as the Scout.

Before Jeep's had the shorter wheel bases, except for the Scrambler.

Also noticed that the design of the wheel arch (flat side arching around

the wheel) on the early Scout's & '60s Travelall's are on most current models

of sedans/SUVs.

If they do come back to the common truck line, keep the same design/engineering

formula as before: Innovative. Dependable. Tough. Simple.




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