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IH Farmall 340 Zenith Carburetor Solenoid?

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I have an International Farmall 340 tractor. It is equipped with a Zenith carburetor:

International part number: 367700 R91

Zenith (assembly) number: 12225.

I purchased a "Hygrade" rebuild kit from a local vendor which says it is for “Zenith Carburetor Series — 61 – 62 – 62 – 67 – 68 - 161 – 267,” and it seems to be the correct kit. I Googled “Zenith 267 carburetor,” and found that the Zenith website states that,

“The Model 267 design permits operation at extreme angles without flooding or starving the engine. A compact fuel shut-off solenoid can be supplied to prevent the engine from dieseling.”

So I contacted one of the dealers listed on Zeniths "dealer locator," and asked some questions:

1.  Can I order a fuel shut-off solenoid (or solenoid kit), which I can install in my carburetor in place of the “main passage plug?”

2.  The carburetor kit from the local vendor is missing a couple parts: the well-vent jet and the economizer jet.  Can I order these (or a rebuild kit which includes them) from you?

3. What are the prices?

The Zenith dealer's reply nearly knocked me out of my chair:

"Thanks for your email. Yes, we can help.

We stock these solenoids and they are $129.95 each.

Sorry, but we don't sell internal parts to carbs separately (can you imagine

the internal cost of selling someone a pair of jets?). Seems to me that the

best way to help you is to either sell you a brand new carb or pick your

existing one up on a UPS Call Tag and rebuild it."

I have another International tractor already equipped with such a solenoid, and a replacement for that was less than thirty dollars (from the local International dealer--which is not known for its merciful pricing structure).

I decided that if I can not acquire the solenoid I requested for a considerably lower price, I will continue to endure the inconvenience of shutting off the valve at the fuel tank when I shut off my tractor engine at the end of the day.

I also decided that unless the Zenith guy could offer a rebuild at prices more competive than he did for solenoids, I believe I'd be better off to purchase a new tractor.

Does anyone know where to find a solenoid and some misc parts for my carburetor at reasonable prices?

Thank you.

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Well best way to find spare parts like those is start checking out local Dealers or Salvage Yards or Junk Auctions Thats how i got the parts i needed

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