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Wrench Turner

674 Valve Adjustment

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Anyone have the valve adjusting procedure for a D239 on a 674? Also need specs and need to know if the engine needs to be cold or hot. Thanks.


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Hi Craig,

I was going to try and scan the page out of the manual for you, but its a pain to do.

So, set the clearance at 0.012" on inlet and exhaust engine warm.

Some of the older IH manuals do list 0.010 and 0.012 , set them all at 0.012.

Working with no.1 next to rad, set no.1 on tdc comp. stroke . There is a crank pulley pointer on the left side of the pulley. you can then set valve no's. 1,2,4,and 5. From the front.

Turn crank one full revolution until no. 4 on comp. Pulley mark will line up again, set no.3,6,7,and 8.

This is the IH way out of the manual, it saves having to turn over the engine to many times by hand.

If you undo the 2 3/8 bolts holding the air cleaner housing and bracket on the water pump it is easy to get the cover off.

Hope this helps,

happy Christmas,


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