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IH Tractors on Montana Farm

Old Binder Guy

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I know some people dislike these big collections being broken up and I can understand that.  But there is another side dealing with these really big collections and that is the care/maintenance issues.  Jerred Ruble and my friendship with him, go back to when we were teenagers in the 60's.  I assisted him with several of his restorations over the years and know the amount of work and $$$$$ it took to get them restored.  I've also worked with three other major collections over the past 55 years.  The problem is when collections grow too large, there isn't the qualified help to maintain them the way they should be.  The equipment what will remain in the Ruble Foundation is rare and high quality plus with the reduction in size, it can be better preserved for future generations.  I think it's great that the items being auctioned can go to new caretakers where they will be maintained and enjoyed.  You noticed I used the term "caretakers".  Many of us that restore this antique machinery know that there needs to be others after us, to care for this historical equipment.

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Roger I agree with you. Jerred Ruble's Foundations "great" engines will be maintained by caretakers. These engines give someone else a chance to own historical engines and "spread the wealth."

I can trace my steam lineage back to this very day in 1910, when Dad (water boy at left of smokestack) started running this 20 hp Aultman-Taylor engine threshing and continued on.


Dad at the throttle and his oldest brother Frank steering continued on.


Dad firing the 20 hp Reeves Highwheeler threshing in the 1920s.


Dad firing the 32 hp Reeves plowing in the mid 1930s.


After Dad traded the  32 Reeves which had a bad boiler for the 20-70 Nichols & Shepard so I could become a steam "nut" too. He proudly stands at right.


The Reeves was sold twice after Dad traded it. This photo of it is with the new boiler put under it several years ago and a re-restoration of it happened last year, it is plowing at the National Thresher's Association show this year at Wauseon, Ohio. It has had four caretakers since Dad traded it.


I traded the Nichols & Shepard to Carl Mehmke who didn't have one at that time. Mike is on the Case steaming at Whitefish. I fell in love with this Case at Mehmke's place in 1956.


I also introduced Maverik to steaming quite young at Whitefish.


And it took hold.


Maverik likes steaming to this very moment evidenced by engineering while Uncle Mike and Randy saw firewood.



So from 1910 and Dad, to now when I'm the old duffer (older than Dad when he died) I can pass the engine on to Mike, Randy and then young Maverik. But from there on, I can't control what happens from the grave. It will likely go on to some other young (wealthy?) person who had dreamed of owning his own steam traction engine. And when that guy is done with it, it will likely go on to someone else? Sort of like playing "Musical Chairs" like we played in the old one room country school at Glengarry?  Gary😁
PS: Roger and Anson, please enjoy the cap on my head!



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Just yesterday! We steamed on a nice, hot day. 8-13-2022.


We did not thresh, as we had nothing to thresh. But our "threshing engineer" Andy Troutwine rode his motorcycle over and joined in our fun. He's taking us to the woodpile, I was at the throttle, even if it doesn't look like it. To save my bald head, I later donned a cap.


I took this photo (pretty much into the sun) of Randy on their 20 hp Reeves crushing rocks.


At Mike and Pam's garage afterward, I was hot and tired. And wearing the correct steam engineers cap. Gary😁


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Well Anson, at least Gary wears the correct cap once and a while.  smily_ROTFL.gif.26cc5bdb7f729954f08690158a65d9da.gif 

By the way, HAPPY BIRTHDAY GARY!!    You don't look a day over 79.

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Happy Birthday Gary & many more to you!


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Happy birthday Gary. 😵 I may even remember next years as have a granddaughter that turned 5 today. Starts school this week yet at country school with about 50 kids K to 6. Haven help the teacher little Missy Moo as I call her knows everything already.🤣 

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On 8/11/2022 at 11:05 PM, Old Binder Guy said:

Todd, I sure didn't need another Coleman one burner stove. But for $4 I HAD to buy it. Gary😉

Tools & Junk 8-9-2022.jpg

$4 is bargain basement. You did good 👍🏼👍🏼

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9 hours ago, twostepn2001 said:

Happy Birthday OBG!!  And a question...what was the purpose of that "high wagon" right the thresher you posted?


twostepn2001, That was a grain hopper. They placed it under the clean grain spout on the Aultman Taylor threshing machine. This gave them time to maneuver a wagon or truck under its loading chute, without having to stop threshing. This is a photo of the Model TT Ford dump truck backed under the chute. Gary😉


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39 minutes ago, 12_Guy said:

Happy belated birthday from the SE corner of Ind. Hope you had a good day. Sorry I missed it. I have been a bit preoccupied. 

+1 been swamped with repairs   Happy birthday


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I know very little about what I'm posting, but I still think it is fun to look at old photographs from the past. This first photo of a lady in her homestead kitchen using her coal stove tweaks my memory. I still remember in 1945 or 46 when Mom got her new Westinghouse electric range, replacing the old coal range. Also note the hanging carbide light above her head.


A steam powered #3 Keystone driller for pounding water wells.


I still remember a couple of steam shovels working in a pit near my uncle's dairy when I was a kid.


A large track type gasoline ditcher ready to work.


This could be corn harvesting this Ohio hit & miss gas engine is turning. I'm not from corn country.


Men and a boy pose for the camera as this hit & miss engine is turning their buzz saw making firewood.


A steam powered pumper is fighting a fire somewhere. These always have fascinated me.


A curved dash Oldsmobile at left and some other brand of cars in the ca. 1903 era are on a city street. I wonder what that horse is wondering watching those horseless carriages. Maybe Wrangler knows?


I can't exactly explain this John Deere dealership photo. There are IHC Titan tractors hitched to likely John Deere plows. There had to be more connection than that to IHC here. Maybe not. 


Last but not least is this photo of what I believe is a Type C IHC Mogul tractor pulling a disk plow. Gary😁


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Hey ya'll--------it's ol' DD slipping in the back door this morning on my old cell phone.

Hoping to get the new phone reloaded at AT&T this week. Have not been able to sign in to RedPower much lately between new cell phone and a week stay in hospital.

Have been monitoring the Blue Smoke clouds floating out of Montana------sure is frustrating when reading the smoke signals and not being able to reply!!!!:wacko:






I do recieve Text messages on the cell/office number listed above.



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