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Hi Folks,

In an effort to keep the board running smoothly, we've set a policy that limits the file upload size to 250 KB per post.

What does this mean? If you're uploading pictures or other files in your posts or PMs, make sure they are smaller than 250 KB.

You can easily resize pics using an image editing application or by using online free services like Flickr or Image Shack.

Personally, I haven't used Image Shack, but I know it will resize images for you. I have a Flickr account and love it. Once you upload pics, it will automatically create different sized images for you and provide links that you can use to download, or display pictures on your own site or in your posts.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


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Hi Everyone,

Due to popular demand, we've bumped up the per-post upload limit to 250KB (from the 100KB that was set yesterday).

We decided to implement a limit, not because the server's full, but because server space and bandwidth aren't free, and we want to to make sure that everyone continues to enjoy good performance on the forum.


We have plans to upgrade the server before the end of the year, which will afford us more space, bandwidth, processing power, and the possiblity of some new features added to the forum.


One person suggested adding advertising in the forum to offset costs and, so far, there are no plans to do this. It is a possibility, but not in the works.

Deleting Old Photos

Another person suggested deleting old photos. I know this has been done in the past to clear out space and there are a few reasons that I'm not crazy about this 'solution':

  • It reduces value of forum posts - When people visit old posts that had pics, they don't see them. If you posted an image of a fix or a diagram, it's just gone.
  • Creates extra work for users - having to re-upload your pics is a pain.

The Wrap

I understand frustrations of trying to resize pics to get them to an acceptable file size - especially when you're not doing this often. As a designer, I have tools that can do this quickly and preserve the quality of the picture while reducing file size.

If you take pictures using a digital camera, you may have software from the camera manufacturer that helps with picture editing too. Depending on the manufacturer, this software can be very helpful, or somewhat confusing.

That's why, I highly recommend opening a free account at Flickr. It resizes pics for you while preserving the quality. You can build up your own photo album that you can share with friends and still download pics with a smaller file size that still look good and upload them to your posts.

Whatever tool or method you use, please help the community out by trying to keep your file size as low as reasonably possible.



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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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