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TD9B power shift won't move

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Hi everyone, I purchased a TD 9B last fall. Got it home and decided I would service it before I used it. I drove next to my shop and it never gave a moments trouble. It sat all winter in the same location. When I started it up to move it in the shop this week, it won't go forward or backwards. I stopped the engine and checked the oil level in the trans, it was low so I topped it of and still no movement. I changed the filters thinking one might be plugged. Still nothing. If I put the shifter in neutral and run it in forward or reverse then press the decelerator pedal (put the power shift in neutral) and go to shift in to high or low the gears will grind until everything stops turning then it will slip right in gear. Looking for some next steps on what to check next. Thanks in advance 

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That's good to hear that was all that was wrong!


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Thank you for coming back with the fix 😉 even though we did not help. Always good to check the brakes before diving into a nonmoving crawler. 


I had a Cat rust the brakes to the drum in 6 months.  Had been rolling it around the yard as it would only pull with one track.  I wanted it moved to mow weeds again, no roll. A I will get to it tomorrow thing. Finally tomorrow came, pulled fuel tank and bands rusted to drum.

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