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Look at the new girls standing by each other wondering just where theyre headed to


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A reporter is interviewing these ladies asking them just where they wrote down would be there wish I get to go there.  The least place they all agreed they dont want to go to is the cotton fields of Mississippi or the cotton fields of Arkansas and even the rice fields because theyve been told there new boss wouldnt put her up at night and its way to hot and the heat and humidity just ruins their makeup{paint].  And none of them wanted much to do with a dairy boss cause it get cow sheet all over them and their boss even gets it in there cab with muck boots on and being on a dairy would mean theyd spend hrs in hay and most have hayfever and then to think about pulling a two or three row chopper ten or more hrs a day would age them to quick and theyd be getting heart transplants and bypass surgerys.  But the #1most desired spot is way up north and on one of them huge BTO grain and soybean farms cause most only work a little in the spring and some more work in the fall and when harvest is done its off to the shower rack and for showers and wax jobs and then get put into one of them big temperature controled modern equipment sheds.  Just a little humor this morning haha


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