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Early serial 4386 - Differential Oil Level alarm comes on/off - What to do about it or replace it

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Hey guys,


My 4386 last year started having the low differential oil warning light come on/off constantly even though the sight glass is full and from my understanding there should be no reason for the light to come on. I've read the sensor should be on the right hand side of the transmission housing behind the axle, is that correct? Anyone have a picture of it by chance? I've also read they are practically impossible to find a working replacement sensor. Can they be cleaned or serviced in any way or are they basically just junk (45+ years old so if it's junk it's done well anyway)


I am very good with checking the sight glass on the front of the tractor everytime I do a walk around usually every few hours,  but last year when this started happening I grabbed the camera off the combine and actually mounted it underneath staring at the glass so I could watch it from the cab while driving around which worked well so I'm debating buying another camera just for my tractor. I like this old tractor so I want to keep it working, I'm just worried if I don't have some way of watching that sight glass if I blow a hose and pump out my fluid without noticing plus if I'm not really monitoring the alarm because it randomly comes on/off that I could wreck something. 

So just curious ideas or what others have done to check/troubleshoot this issue

warning light.jpg

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I wonder if these folks could help you out?  They rebuild displays for old tractors and air seeders.  I think they also made displays/controls for shortline equipment manufacturers in western Canada.  They may be able to find or adapt a sensor for you.

(And their shop is in Regina)


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This was really common - that sensor wasn't all that good new.   I think most people ended up unplugging the sensor connector (grounds wire to turn on light) .  I don't have a picture of that, but its a larger plug with 3 wires in it on the right side of the front axle.

As long as you check the sight glass every morning its no problem.    If you actually blow a hose you are gonna know real quick anyway - oil sprays everywhere.  

BTW - if you unplug the sensor - and the light stays on, could be a shorted wire.

What is your s/n?  schematics of both versions attached.

Schem-Early Warn-Early.jpg

Schem-Early Warn-Late.jpg

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Thanks for the reply


I haven’t had a chance to look for that connector yet, still have the camera mounted to watch the sight glass from the cab. I kindof like it like this something to check and stare at lol I might try unplugging it and checking for a short, if it’s possible to fix it due to a faulty wire may as well.


Not too long ago someone was selling a parts 4386, talking with the owner he was using it for seeding and had a leak in a hose, never noticed and took out the transmission and front end. So made me nervous hearing that story! 


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