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1953 RF-170 (?)


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I posted this on another board a while back. Should have posted it here. I think it's an RF-170 ?



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On 6/2/2024 at 9:58 PM, 2050 Guy said:

Looks great 

did it haul logs?

What is the engine in it?

Yes, this one was a log truck and we used to have one identical to it except it had a side loader mechanism run off a pto to load logs.

Black Diamond 282 inline 6 gas engine. 5 speed main and 3 auxiliary tranny if I remember correctly. 

As @IHKeith says, this one is in a logging museum.

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The old side loaders looked like this one ( not ours, but this one was "local"). We had a 1955 IH RF170 tandem with one and a 59 IH Model BCF-180 with one.

IIRC, the opposite side of the truck to the loader had two- 4" short pipes where you cut a hardwood (birch) stake that extended the picket. They would trip and the load came off with cant hooks that side. The wooden pickets were lost under each load so you had to cut new ones every time you went back for another load.

I think there are some videos of these things on the web that show how they work.


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