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More Important than OJ


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  • Ed Iskenderian, original hot rod hero, 102 years old, was assaulted outside his Southern California home by a robber.
  • Isky was taken by his son to the hospital, checked out, and went right back to work grinding cams at his shop in Gardena.
  • The Camfather will turn 103 on July 10.

Isky was knocked down, but he is far from out.

Ed "Isky" Iskenderian, original hot rod hero, whose custom-ground camshafts powered generations of race cars to victory, is fine and still going strong at 102. That's the most important thing. But earlier in the week "The Camfather" was assaulted by a homeless person outside his home. Iskenderian took a slug to the left side of his face as the assailant took his phone and fled.

"A derelict fellow approached him, knocked Ed down and took off with Ed's cellphone," said racing PR professional Doug Stokes, who spoke with Iskenderian. "Ed called the police, and the police used the 'find' feature on Ed's phone to track him down."

The assailant was arrested.

Ed's son took his father to the emergency room, where he was checked out and given a clean bill of health. The elder Iskenderian returned to work in his shop that afternoon and even attended a memorial for drag racing crew chief and team owner Roland Leong at the Lions Automobile Museum the next evening.

Isky posted the following on his Facebook page after the night out:

"Hi, racing pals, I just wanted you to know I was assaulted by a homeless man out in from of my house last Wednesday. The Police came and arrested him, and my son Tim took me to emergency to get checked out. I got a clean bill of health and went back to the Isky Plant later that same day. Then I went to Roland Leong's Memorial the next day at the Lions Museum. You can't keep this Legend down! Thanks for your concerns. The Camfather."

The incident may have left his friends and fans more concerned than he was.

"Ed was far more nominal about it than I was, and that's an understatement," said Stokes. "He sounded fine, said he'll have to be more careful in the future and (since I told him that a lot of his friends were very concerned) asked that I thank them for worrying about him."

Isky's 100th birthday was celebrated July 10, 2021, with at least three parties that we know of. The Petersen Automotive Museum feted him with a hot rod cruise-in in his honor, at which The Camfather ate a few Pink's Hot Dogs, showing you don't have to eat salads to survive that long.


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8 minutes ago, jeeper61 said:

I think the most important question is can the son grind a cam?

Someone is running the business they grind a lot of custom cams for racers 

At this stage might need to hope for grandson or great grandson to take up the business!

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California has spent over 24 Billion over the last five years to combat homelessness. Rather than address the underlying causes like mental illness and drug addiction they spent it on expensive housing, so those folks are still on the street attacking centenarians for their phones. Brilliant!

Good that the Camfather is OK>

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I met Ed at  the P R I show  20 years ago. Shook his hand and said Thanks!   We were using Isky Cams in the Stock Car motors I was building in early 2000's

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I used Isky valve springs in my 427 CI 425 HP 66 Vette after several of the stock ones  broke. Isky had a 3 coil spring using smaller diameter wire, much less fatigue from high lift flex.

Good to hear that the old shops and techs are still around.

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5 hours ago, Rawleigh99 said:

Should have beat the attacker to death with a camshaft!!


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Pity! Crying shame ! 

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When I had a knee scoped, I took a cane with me, just in case.

It had a dud .50 caliber BMG on top for a handle and that could be pulled out with about an 18" sword on the end.

As we get older, think a bit about self-protection.

Something as innocent as a cane, or walking stick, can put a lot of hurt to an idiot who is asking for it.

Remember, if you are paying taxes, you are not the problem so you get to protect yourself.



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I have an Isky catalog from the 90's, at that time Ron and Rick Iskenderian were listed.  Apparently Rick is 75. 







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