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5488 hydraulics

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Had a guy call me up wanting me to check the hydraulics on his 5488. He can be going thru the field, it will start to make a noise, he can throttle back and it will go away. Throttle back up and be good for a while. Is there a high and low pressure standby setting for the pfc pump like there is on the boxcar magnums? I was gonna get out and flow rate it when the weather warms back up to at least make sure the pump is good.

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Yes , there are settings , same as like the later models
380-420 I shoot for 410 on low pressure (signal line disconnected from the pump)
2500-2800 high pressure

There was an air bleed line added to the magnums to help with trapped air
may be the cause of you guys noise

You could add the line and orifice

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15 hours ago, HydroTek said:

Check to see if your tractor has this



bandicam 2024-03-26 17-08-51-296.jpg

  This 👆....There was a service bulletin  to help stop making that gurgling noise.....

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IH called it an "anti-burp kit" IIRC. Supposed to help get rid of some air in the system that would cause hydraulic noise during operation. Installed a few 30+ years ago; they do make a difference.  Doubt any of that stuff is available through Can'tNeverHaveIt anymore....and if they do, it's cost prohibitive.

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10 minutes ago, 756puller said:

Now now those of us that work for mother case shouldn't have a bad attitude even thou every day we are one day closer to being driven to drinking.

Driven to drinking?  We're already there!!

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