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Let’s pull together for one of our members!!!

1586 Jeff

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A good friend & her husband have a YouTube video that her brother filmed. She is battling cancer..."Vody & Howard's Journey"  will give their perspective. (29 minutes long)

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Hey all.

We tried to take a little vacation this weekend. My daughter had to have early to go back to her internship, because she wasn't feeling great, and wanted to rest.

She's in the hospital in NYC right now, where her internship is. She has pain near where her liver was resected, and apparently she has either a seroma (relatively inconsequential buildup of fluid where a surgery was), or an abscess (buildup of fluid from infection).

I really don't like that she's alone. And now I can't sleep, but I have to drive seven hours home tomorrow.

And I know all the prayers made a difference, before.

If you could ...


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You betcha Kurt!!!

 You already know this, but call me at any time, day, night, or otherwise!

My phone rings at all hours of the day and night to tend to the needs of the general masses, so I will cheerfully answer the phone for my friends!!

Tell Skye that we are pulling for her!!

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More prayers 

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Still in the hospital. Maybe a small blessing. They're thinking seroma -which might be nothing more than severe discomfort, but may be able to be drained. However, hey CT scanned her and found bleeding in her GI tract. Pumped blood out of her stomach. I just want her better.


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